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Volume 10 Number 1 of Cognition, Technology &
Work is now available on the SpringerLink web site at

Editorial of the special issue on "Design process
and human factors integration"
Elie Fadier
pp. 1 - 5

Enabling safety: issues in design and continuous design
Pierre Falzon
pp. 7 - 14

Psychology and human factors engineering
B. Wilpert
pp. 15 - 21

Evaluation of presentation of information for process control operations
Peter Nickel, Friedhelm Nachreiner
pp. 23 - 30

Behavioural adaptations to driver support
systems: a modelling and road safety perspective
P. C. Cacciabue, F. Saad
pp. 31 - 39

Questions raised on the design of the "dead-man" device installed on=
Robin Foot, Ghislaine Doniol-Shaw
pp. 41 - 51

Operator centred design: example of a new driver
aid system in the field of rail transport
J. F=E9nix, J. -C. Sagot, C. Valot, S. Gomes
pp. 53 - 60

Integrating human factors in freight interoperability safety design
C. De la Garza, A. Weill-Fassina, M. Kaplan
pp. 61 - 68

Integration of the human factor into the design
and construction of fishing vessels
C. Chauvin, G. Le Bouar, C. Renault
pp. 69 - 77
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