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         From: Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns_at_vt.edu>
         Subject: ASPECT Ph.D. program now accepting students

> Sent on behalf of Wolfgang Natter
> Hello, everyone:
> I know many of you will be interested to learn that the ASPECT Ph.D.
> program at Virginia Tech has been approved by the Virginia State
> Council of Higher Education. ASPECT (Alliance for Social, Political,
> Ethical, and Cultural Thought) is now able to enroll Ph.D. students
> beginning in the Fall, 08 term. Updated information on the program,
> as well as application guidelines, are posted at www.aspect.vt.edu.
> Priority for admission into the Ph.D. program for 08/09 will be
> given to applications received February 29.
> ASPECT is a theory based, interdisciplinary, and project centered
> teaching and research program. Students applying for the Ph.D.
> program do so on the basis of a completed M.A. or equivalent e.g.
> (MFA, MArch, JD), or promise of completion prior to commencing Ph.D.
> study beginning in the Fall term. Assuming good progress to degree,
> accepted students are eligible for up to four years of financial
> support as T. A.s while pursuing and completing their Ph.D degree.
> Additionally, ASPECT oversees an 18 credit hour graduate certificate
> program, which may be earned independently or while earning another
> graduate degree at Virginia Tech.
> The curriculum stresses student flexibility and originality. It
> permits a focus on overarching, significant problems by offering
> education in areas of concentration as well as solid grounding in
> both interdisciplinary and disciplinary ways of knowing. Students
> will be prepared to teach introductory and required courses in
> particular disciplines through their graduate teaching
> assistantships. Their Ph.D. research, however, will integrate
> questions that span a number of social science and humanities
> disciplines, approaches, and fields.
> I would appreciate your sharing this information with any one whom
> you think might be interested in learning more about the program.
> Best wishes,
> --
> Wolfgang Natter
> Director, ASPECT
> (Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought)
> 202 Major Williams Hall
> Virginia Tech
> Blacksburg, VA 24060

jeremy hunsinger
Information Ethics Fellow, Center for Information Policy Research,
School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
(www.cipr.uwm.edu )

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