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   [1] From: areces_at_loria.fr (Carlos Areces) (57)
         Subject: AiML-2008: Second Call for Papers

   [2] From: sudweeks_at_murdoch.edu.au (44)
         Subject: CATaC08 deadlines and accommodation

         Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 06:41:56 +0000
         From: areces_at_loria.fr (Carlos Areces)
         Subject: AiML-2008: Second Call for Papers

                 SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

                 ADVANCES in MODAL LOGIC
       9-12 September 2008, LORIA, Nancy, France

DEADLINE: 31 March 2008

Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative aimed at presenting
an up-to-date picture of the state of the art in modal logic
and its many applications. The initiative consists of a
conference series together with volumes based on the conferences.

AiML-2008 is the seventh conference in the series.

We invite submission on all aspects of modal logics, including
the following:

- history of modal logic
- philosophy of modal logic
- applications of modal logic
- computational aspects of modal logic
     + complexity and decidability of modal and temporal logics
     + modal and temporal logic programming
     + model checking
     + theorem proving for modal logics
- theoretical aspects of modal logic
     + algebraic and categorical perspectives on modal logic
     + coalgebraic modal logic
     + completeness and canonicity
     + correspondence and duality theory
     + many-dimensional modal logics
     + modal fixed point logics
     + model theory of modal logic
     + proof theory of modal logic
- specific instances and variations of modal logic
     + description logics
     + dynamic logics and other process logics
     + epistemic and deontic logics
     + modal logics for agent-based systems
     + modal logic and game theory
     + modal logic and grammar formalisms
     + provability and interpretability logics
     + spatial and temporal logics
     + hybrid logic
     + intuitionistic logic
     + monotonic modal logic
     + substructural logic

Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

Invited speakers at AiML-2008 will include the following:

- Mai Gehrke, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
- Guido Governatori, The University of Queensland
- Agi Kurucz, King's College London
- Lawrence Moss, Indiana University
- Michael Zakharyaschev, Birkbeck College


         Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 06:46:39 +0000
         From: sudweeks_at_murdoch.edu.au
         Subject: CATaC08 deadlines and accommodation

For those thinking about attending CATaC'08,
June/juin 24-27 - two important elements of
information (en anglais et en français):

1) the deadlines for CATaC'08 are coming up soon:


     Full papers (10-15 formatted pages) 21 January 2008 (extended)
     Short papers (3-5 formatted pages) 21 January 2008
     Notification of acceptance mid-February 2008
     Final formatted papers 28 February 2008


     Communications longues (10-15 pages formatées) 21 janvier 2008
     Communications courtes (3-5 pages formatées) 21 janvier 2008
     Notification d'acceptation mi-février 2008
     Version finale formatée 28 février 2008

(Please see conference website -
www.catacconference.org - for further details.)

AND 2): because of high seasonal demand, hotel
rooms for conference participants should be
booked as early as possible. In particular, the
conference Hotel Atria encourages conference
participants to book their rooms before February
10 if they wish to be guaranteed a room.

Reservations are being organised through the Nîmes Tourist Office.

     1. Download the accommodation booking form.
     2. Complete form including credit card
details and post/email/fax to Nîmes Tourist
Office (address on accommodation form).


(Allez sur le site de la conférence -
www.catacconference.org - pour plus de détails)

ET AUSSI: Le mois de juin est particulièrement
touristique et les réservations hôtelières des
participants devraient donc être faites dès que
possible. En particulier, l'Hôtel Atria encourage
les participants à réserver leur chambre avant le
10 février pour que la réservation puisse être garantie.

Les réservations sont organisées par
l'intermédiaire de l'office de tourisme de Nîmes.
1. Téléchargez la fiche de réservation
2. complétez la fiche, sans oublier les
renseignements pour votre carte de crédit et
envoyez par poste/email/fax à l'office de
tourisme (adresse sur la fiche de réservation

Merci! Many thanks!

Charles Ess / Fay Sudweeks / Marie-Christine Deyrich / Herbert Hrachovec
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