21.497 cfp: Joint Nordic Use of WAB Bergen and VWA Helsinki

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         From: Mats Dahlström <Mats.Dahlstrom_at_hb.se>
         Subject: cfp: Joint Nordic Use of WAB Bergen and VWA Helsinki

Dear all,

(sorry for any x-posting)

Recently, the project "Joint Nordic Use of WAB
Bergen and VWA Helsinki" (JNU VWAB) received a
grant to support guest research initiatives at
the Georg Henrik von Wright Archives in Helsinki
(VWA) and the Wittgenstein Archives at the
University of Bergen (WAB). The funding runs
2008-2010 and will provide stipends for research
initiatives (both single users and research groups) in the following areas:

(1) Wittgenstein research and philosophy, (2)
digital scholarly editing, text technology and
digital humanities, (3) Fields of intersection between (1) and (2).

See <http://wab.aksis.uib.no/wab_jnu-vwab.page>
for further details about the JNU VWAB project.

We are hereby distributing a first call for
proposals (deadline 29.2.2008), the details of
which can be found at
including an application form. Participants of
selected projects are granted reimbursement of
travel expenses, accomodation and living expenses
and use of WAB or VWA free of charge for the agreed duration of the project.

For questions, write to or call:
alois.pichler_at_aksis.uib.no (tel. +47-55-589474),
eldbjorg.gunnarson_at_aksis.uib.no (tel.
+47-55-582970), Thomas.Wallgren_at_helsinki.fi (tel.
+358-9-19129226), or hanne.appelqvist_at_helsinki.fi

Yours / Mats Dahlström (member of the Management committee and User
selection panel)

Mats Dahlström, associate professor
Swedish School of Library and Information Science
UC Borås / University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Mats dot Dahlstrom at hb dot se ; +46 33 435 44 21 ;
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