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[Once again my apologies precede a message that is delayed in the
sending because of incompetent software and the general mess of
e-mail these days. The following apparently disappeared before I
could spot it. Thanks to the alertness of Dot Porter and John
Lavagnino it is now being sent out. --WM]

To all ACH Members on the Humanist listserv, elections for the next
cohort of ACH officers are now underway. See instructions below. Votes
may be cast through *January 31*.

A message concerning the election was also sent to a list of the
current ACH membership. If you are a member of the ACH and you did not
receive that message, please log into the membership database as
instructed below and make sure that your email address is up to date.
If your name does not appear in the database but you are a member in
good standing, please contact Melissa Terras (m.terras_at_ucl.ac.uk)

Thank you,
Dot Porter
ACH Executive Secretary


Voting is now underway to choose ACH officers for the coming calendar
year. The election is being conducted on-line at the ACH "Member
Services" web page. Please follow these steps to cast your vote:

1. Go to the ACH web site http://www.ach.org .

2. Click "current membership" near the bottom of the right column. The
current membership list is displayed.

3. Type your surname in the indicated field of the "Member Access"
box, as it appears in the displayed list. (If your name is misspelled
or otherwise incorrect in the list, you may edit your record and fix
it once you're logged in)

4. Type your password in the indicated field. If you have forgotten
(or never set) your password, use the "forgotten password?" link. You
will need your reference number from your subscription to "Literary
and Linguistic Computing."

5. Click "LogIn". A voting announcement line appears at the top of the
current membership list.

6. Click the "Vote Now!" link to display the slate of offices and
candidates. You may click each candidate's name to see their
biographical and platform statements.

7. Mark your preferences and click "Vote" to cast your ballot.

8. You may take this opportunity to edit your membership record and
update it as needed. When you are finished . . .

9. Click "LogOut" in the "Member Access" box.

Votes are encoded to preserve confidentiality and held until the
closing date, after which the results will be tallied, certified, and
announced. You may override your vote by repeating this process any
time before that deadline.

Dot Porter, University of Kentucky
Program Coordinator
Collaboratory for Research in Computing for Humanities
dporter_at_uky.edu          859-257-1257 x.82115
Editorial Assistant, REVEAL Project
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments
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