21.511 musical and historical virtualities?

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         Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 08:22:31 +0000
         From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty_at_kcl.ac.uk>
         Subject: musical and historical virtualities?

I would be very grateful to know of any musicological scholarship
that has stepped beyond "music information retrieval" to attempt
modelling the musical imagination -- interpretational, improvisational
or otherwise. I know of the writings of Margaret Boden and Philip
Johnson-Laird on this subject but would appreciate more.

I would also be grateful for anything of a similar kind in
historiography, i.e. concerned with the reconstruction (i.e.
modelling) of what presumably was or modelling of what might have been.

That this sort of thing happens is clear, and people do make claims
to that effect. I am looking for critical discussions which actually
examine the process, look for its stress-points etc.

Many thanks.


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