21.516 Online annotation in digital editions

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Joseph, et al.; Sorry for the delayed response to your question about
embedding Word in Croquet. Here's the answer, from Julian Lombardi of
the Croquet Consortium. --Chris

===== Begin Inclusion =====
Integration of OS-dependent applications such as MS-Word is achieved
by using VNC (Virtual Network Console) code. We have already released
a reference implementation of the VNC code in the current SDK.
Therefore it is currently possible for users to access MS-Word as a
'remote' application that is viewable within Croquet shared spaces.
The MS-Word (or any other) code can be running locally on the same
machine - or be running elsewhere on the Internet!

For a tutorial on how to get VNC working in the Croquet SDK see:


This is a feature that would be great to bring into production within
the context of production-grade Croquet scholarly-support 'application'.

That said, what I believe Joseph saw during my demo in LA was, in
fact, the use of a Squeak-based word processor within a shared Croquet
space. We usually show that as part of our demos of the system.


===== End Inclusion =====

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Regarding Croquet, have they actually written the code that allows
Word (or another office app) to be pulled into the environment? Last
time I saw it, there was a mock up of using word in the croquet
environment, but no actual code yet. It was about 9 months ago.
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