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International Journal of Design: Call for Papers


Dear Colleagues,
The International Journal of Design 
(http://www.ijdesign.org/) has published the 
three issues of Volume 1 (2007). (Contents of the 
three issues are listed at the end of this 
email.) All contents are freely available online. 
We invite you to read, download, or forward these articles to your colleagues.
The 18 articles published in Volume 1 have 
received great responses, having been viewed more 
than 50,000 times online in total. In the last 
month alone, the journal website was visited more 
than 5000 times by readers from 1,265 cities and 
95 countries/territories around the world.
We sincerely invite you to submit your best work 
to the International Journal of Design. Please 
refer to Author Guidelines online at 
http://www.ijdesign.org/. We are also seeking 
papers for a special issue on Cultural Aspects of 
Interaction Design, which will be published in 
August 2008. The deadline for submitting full papers is February 28, 2008.
Best Regards,
Lin-Lin Chen
International Journal of Design
Vol. 1(1) April 2007 | Table of Contents
- Editorial
Lin-Lin Chen: International Journal of Design: A Step Forward
- Articles
Wen-chih Chang and Tyan Yu Wu
Exploring Types and Characteristics of Product Forms
Manlai You, Chun-wen Chen, Hantsai Liu and Hsuan Lin
A Usability Evaluation of Web Map Zoom and Pan Functions
Chien-Hsiung Chen and Yu-Hung Chien
Effects of RSVP Display Design on Visual 
Performance in Accomplishing Dual Tasks with Small Screens
Kin Wai Michael Siu
Guerrilla Wars in Everyday Public Spaces: 
Reflections and Inspirations for Designers
Pieter Desmet and Paul Hekkert
Framework of Product Experience
- Design Case Studies
Toni-Matti Karjalainen
It Looks Like a Toyota: Educational Approaches to 
Designing for Visual Brand Recognition
Vol. 1(2) August 2007 - Table of Contents
- Articles
Privacy in the United States: Some Implications for Design
Christena Nippert-Eng
Imagining the Orient: Cultural Appropriation in 
the Florence Broadhurst Collection
Vicki Karaminas
Metaphors in Design Problem Solving: Implications for Creativity
Hernan Pablo Casakin
- Design Case Studies
Product Analysis Based on Botswana's Postcolonial Socio-cultural Perspective
Richie Moalosi, Vesna Popovic, Anne Hickling-Hudson
Transforming Taiwan Aboriginal Cultural Features 
into Modern Product Design: A Case Study of a 
Cross-cultural Product Design Model
Rung-Tai Lin
- State-of-the-Art Reviews
User Value: Competing Theories and Models
Suzan Boztepe
Vol. 1(3) December 2007 - Table of Contents
- Articles
Fluency as an Experiential Quality in Augmented Spaces
Jonas Löwgren
Towards Female Preferences in Design - A Pilot Study
Lishan Xue, Ching Chiuan Yen
Effects of Visual-Auditory Incongruity on Product Expression and Surprise
Geke D.S. Ludden, Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein
Materials in Products Selection: Tools for 
Including User-Interaction in Materials Selection
Ilse van Kesteren, Pieter Jan Stappers, Sjef de Bruijn
Path-dependent Foundation of Global Design-driven 
Outdoor Trade in the Northwest of England
Mary B Rose, Terence Love, Mike Parsons
- Perspectives
Unstated Contributions - How Artistic Inquiry Can 
Inform Interdisciplinary Research
Chris Rust
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