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Text of Humanist, 5/87-2/08

The directory linked below contains, in plain-text format, the messages exchanged on the Humanist Discussion Group from 5/87 to 2/08. You can use these files for any sort of text-analysis you may wish to perform. Each yearly volume is given in an individual file. These files were prepared by Melissa Terras ( 11/05/05, with permission. Technical advice was provided by Andrew Ostler.

File Creation Methodology

  1. Files mined from the HTML archives using the PageSucker utility. Each volume was downloaded seperately due to file size. Each volume was checked to ensure all texts had been captured.
  2. HTML tags were removed using the Web2Text utility. All URLs were retained, no bold or italic text retained. Headings were denoted by "--===" and "===--" as per the default setting. Each file was saved as an individual text file.
  3. Individual text files were conjoined using a python script.
  4. Files were randomly spotchecked to ensure all text in archive captured.


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