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Humanist Archives: Nov. 27, 2018, 6:15 a.m. Humanist 32.227 - pubs: EU copyright proposals; Hirmeos Newsletter

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 227.
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    [1]    From: Andrea Bertino 
           Subject: HIRMEOS Newsletter Nr. 6 - November 2018 (45)

    [2]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: Your help needed - EU Copyright Proposals Put Digital Humanities At Risk (47)

        Date: 2018-11-26 16:07:58+00:00
        From: Andrea Bertino 
        Subject: HIRMEOS Newsletter Nr. 6 - November 2018

HIRMEOS Newsletter Nr. 6 - November 2018

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Newsletter Nr. 6 - November 2018

Dear readers,

Welcome to the sixth edition of the HIRMEOS newsletter. The newsletter keeps you updated 
on developments in the project High Integration of Research Monographs 
in the European Open Science infrastructure (HIRMEOS) .

In this issue:

--   Göttingen University Press supports Annotation via Hypothes.is

--   The HIRMEOS Workshops on Annotation and Metrics for OA Monographs

--   The AEUP Workshop: From Text to structured Edition – Producing XML-TEI Content

--   Report - Entity-fishing for Scholarly Publishing. Challenges and Recommendations

--   The HIRMEOS Workshop on Entity-Fishing for Digital Humanities and Scholarly Publishing

--   Report - Discovering Linked Open Data at the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School

--   The HIRMEOS Hypervideo on OA Monographs

--   Paper on HIRMEOS in Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis

Andrea Bertino
Goettingen State and University Library

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Subscribe to the HIRMEOS newsletter at www.hirmeos.eu 
and to the OPERAS newsletter at www.operas-eu.org

        Date: 2018-11-26 14:41:16+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: Your help needed - EU Copyright Proposals Put Digital Humanities At Risk

> From: 	Marian Lefferts 

EU Copyright Proposals Put Digital Humanities At Risk

The Digital Humanities -- a growing field which many of Europe's 
research libraries strongly support -- risks being hit by a proposed 
amendment to the EU draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single 

The problem stems from a change proposed to Article 6. The proposal 
adopted by the European Parliament undermines how the following three 
new exceptions can be used:

    Text and data mining;
    Distance learning and teaching.

The suggested amendment prevents these exceptions from being combined. 
Only one activity could be performed on any in-copyright works by the 
same organisation or institution. If, for example, a decision was made 
to preserve a particular in-copyright  item, the same item could not 
be subsequently data mined or used for teaching. Similarly if the item 
has been used under the distance learning and teaching exception, it can 
no longer be preserved.

Not only would this make the work of libraries difficult, it would 
impinge on Digital Humanities scholars if they wanted to use digitised 
materials after 1880 (which are increasingly in copyright) for 
computational analysis and teaching purposes.

LIBER is joining forces with our colleagues at IFLA 
to call for this poorly thought-out measure to be rejected. Librarians 
and researchers should not have to choose between either digitising or 
copying works, or actually using them.

We would like everyone -- libraries and individuals -- with an interest in 
the Digital Humanities to join us in opposing this measure. Will you 
help by sending a message to the MEPs involved in ongoing discussions on 
the directive, and your government's representative in the European 
Council? If so, please get in touch. Email the LIBER Office 
 and we will ensure that you receive a draft letter 
template, which you can send to your European Parliament and European 
Council representatives.

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