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Humanist Archives: Nov. 30, 2018, 4:56 a.m. Humanist 32.236 - pubs: Shape of Data; Applied History

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    [1]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: Journal of Applied History (22)

    [2]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: The Shape of Data (80)

        Date: 2018-11-29 14:04:57+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: Journal of Applied History

> From: 	Charlotte Sleigh 

Dear colleagues,

There's a new journal on the block, the Journal of Applied History.  

If your research connects history of science with contemporary issues 
-- museology, engagement, communication, media, ethics, practice, etc. -- 
then /JAH/ would love to see your work.  Proposals for a special issue 
would also be warmly received.  See the /JAH/ website 
 for more details.

Charlotte Sleigh
Professor of Science Humanities
University of Kent
A: School of History | Rutherford College | University of Kent | 
Canterbury CT2 7NX | UK
E: c.l.sleigh@kent.ac.uk 
Tw: @KentCHOTS
Bl: http://blogs.kent.ac.uk/sciencecomma/
W: http://www.kent.ac.uk/history/staff/profiles/sleigh.html

        Date: 2018-11-29 08:50:48+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: The Shape of Data

The Shape of Data in Digital Humanities:
Modeling Texts and Text-based Resources
Julia Flanders and Fotis Jannidis, eds.
London: Routledge, 2018


Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Contributors

Preface by Julia Flanders and Fotis Jannidis

Part I: Orientation

1. Data Modeling in a Digital Humanities Context
Fotis Jannidis, Julia Flanders

2. A Gentle Introduction to Data Modeling
Fotis Jannidis, Julia Flanders

Part II: Topics in Digital Humanities Data Modeling

3. How Modeling Standards Evolve: The Case of the TEI
Lou Burnard

4. How Subjective is Your Model?
Elena Pierazzo

5. Modeling Space in Historical Texts
Ian Gregory, Chris Donaldson, Andrew Hardie, Paul Rayson

6. Modeling Time
Benjamin Schmidt

7. Visualizing Information
Isabel Meirelles

8. Ontologies and Data Modeling
√ėyvind Eide, Christian-Emil Ore

9. Where Semantics Lies
Stephen Ramsay

10. Constraint
Julia Flanders, Fotis Jannidis, Wendell Piez

11. Complex Data Structures
Piotr Banski, Andreas Witt

12. Linguistic and Computational Modeling in Language Science
Elke Teich, Peter Fankhauser

13. Algorithmic Modeling: Or, Modeling Data We Do Not Yet Understand
Ted Underwood

14. Modeling the Actual, Simulating the Possible
Willard McCarty

15. Playing for Keeps: The Role of Modeling in the Humanities
C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

Part III: Back Matter

Julia Flanders, Fotis Jannidis


Willard McCarty (www.mccarty.org.uk/),
Professor emeritus, Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London;
Adjunct Professor, Western Sydney University; Editor, Interdisciplinary 
Science Reviews (www.tandfonline.com/loi/yisr20) and Humanist 

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