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Humanist Archives: Dec. 4, 2018, 6:08 a.m. Humanist 32.241 - positions at Washington, Michigan

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    [1]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: Assistant Professor Position @ University of Washington, Seattle (January 15, 2019) (118)

    [2]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: Job Announcement: Map and Geospatial Data Librarian, University of Michigan (33)

        Date: 2018-12-03 21:47:16+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: Assistant Professor Position @ University of Washington, Seattle (January 15, 2019)

> From: 	Daniela K Rosner 

Assistant Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering
(Tenure Track)


Review of applications will begin January 15, 2019.

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the 
University of Washington seeks an individual dedicated to excellence in 
teaching and research programs to join our dynamic interdisciplinary 
intellectual community in 2019.

HCDE is a vibrant, welcoming, and engaged interdisciplinary community 
that incorporates a range of intellectual traditions. We offer BS, MS, 
and PhD degrees and serve as a founding contributor to three 
interdisciplinary graduate degrees. Candidates will teach undergraduate 
and graduate courses and will supervise doctoral students. The yearly 
teaching load is three courses (one per quarter) plus supervision of 
for-credit directed research groups. Teaching opportunities will be 
based on our current course offerings and the individual’s areas of 
scholarly expertise. Successful candidates will join a dynamic faculty 
conducting interdisciplinary research in the design and engineering of 
sociotechnical systems broadly defined. More information about our 
department can be found at http://www.hcde.washington.edu 

The successful candidate will be expected to expand on one or more 
emerging areas within the department, including:

  1. Design (e.g., data visualization; design education;
  2. Engineering (e.g., data science; human-robot interaction; machine
     learning/artificial intelligence; augmented and virtual reality;
     infrastructure development)
  3. Technology & Society (e.g., policy and ethics in the designing of
     technologies such as those listed in 1 and 2 above).

Successful candidates will be expected to address the societal 
implications of technology and think globally in their research. 
Successful candidates will be expected to deal directly or indirectly 
with design, engineering, and policy issues such as data use/misuse; 
social and environmental justice; and equity and civic engagement.

Successful candidates are expected to develop substantial programs of 
research including peer-reviewed publications and external funding. 
Candidates should show evidence of strong promise in teaching as well as 

All UW faculty engage in teaching, research and service. The College of 
Engineering regularly sets visions for strategic research areas; current 
areas can be found here: 
https://www.engr.washington.edu/facresearch/strategicareas. Faculty 
members also routinely collaborate with colleagues across campus and 
with affiliates from the region’s noted high-tech industry. Seattle is a 
culturally diverse urban center with growing racial, ethnic and 
immigrant communities. It is also home to many prominent technology 
companies, along with a robust startup and global health community. The 
University of Washington is building a culturally diverse faculty and 
encourages applications from women and minority candidates.


Applicants for this Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position should 
be recent or soon to graduate PhDs and must have earned a doctorate (or 
foreign equivalent) by the date of appointment. This is a 9-month, 
full-time appointment.

Application Instructions

Appointment begins in Autumn 2019. Review of applications will begin 
January 15, 2019. To apply, send (1) a letter of application, (2) a 
current c.v., (3) a statement of research and teaching goals, (4) a 
diversity statement, (5) up to three representative papers and (6) and 
contact information for at least three people from whom we may request 
letters of recommendation.

Inquiries: Stacia Green at greens6@uw.edu  or 
Dr. Daniela Rosner at dkrosner@uw.edu .

Our department's social justice mission leads us to invest in recruiting 
colleagues who in their scholarship, teaching, and service demonstrate 
experience with, knowledge of, and sensitivity to the needs of 
culturally diverse and oppressed populations. As a program with a core 
mission of social justice and a deeply diverse student body, we seek 
candidates with a demonstrated commitment to work with marginalized 
communities and with students holding a range of worldviews. In accord 
with the University’s expressed commitment to excellence and equity, 
contributions in scholarship and research, teaching, and service that 
address diversity and equal opportunity may be included among the 
professional and scholarly qualifications for appointment and promotion.

A Diversity Statement helps applicants reflect on how their approach to 
teaching and/or service contributes to positive social change and 
supports people who represent differences in gender, class, race, 
ethnicity, religious affiliation, national and cultural boundaries, 
national origin, worldview, intellectual origin, ability, and other 
identities. We invite you to reflect and describe your related 
experiences in teaching and service and also where you stand to grow 
with regard to issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice, and 
your potential to mentor and educate students who will serve diverse 

Daniela K. Rosner

My new book Critical Fabulations 
out with MIT Press!

        Date: 2018-12-04 05:58:20+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: Job Announcement: Map and Geospatial Data Librarian, University of Michigan

 > From: 	Kush Patel 

Dear colleagues,

The University of Michigan Library is seeking a Map and Geospatial Data 
Librarian to join the team at Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, 
Government Information, and Spatial and Numeric Data (SAND) Services.


The position of Map and Geospatial Data Librarian provides leadership 
and expertise in developing library services related to maps as well as 
numeric and geospatial datasets across a wide range of disciplines. This 
position also supports the use of GIS and related technologies in 
teaching and research and serves as representative to the BTAAG and 
library wide teams. This is a largely collaborative position that 
requires negotiation of relationships across the library and the University.

Appointment is anticipated at the Associate or Senior Associate 
Librarian rank. The posting end date is *January 1, 2019*. Please 
contact Dr. Stephanie Rosen (ssrosen@umich.edu 
), U-M Library Accessibility Specialist, with 
any questions you may have about this role.

Best wishes,

Kush Patel, Ph.D. (pronouns: he/they)
Digital Pedagogy Librarian
University of Michigan Library
Schedule a Consultation
@kshpatel  | whospeaksandacts.net

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