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Humanist Archives: Jan. 13, 2019, 8:27 a.m. Humanist 32.328 - wanted: a Digital Scholarship Librarian & Repository Manager (Hamilton)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 328.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
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        Date: 2019-01-12 20:19:52+00:00
        From: Janet Simons 
        Subject: Hamilton College seeks a Digital Scholarship Librarian & Repository Manager

Hello Everyone,

Hamilton College Library & Information Technology Services seeks a *Digital
Scholarship Librarian & Repository Manager

Hamilton College and its Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)
division are trailblazers in supporting teaching, learning and
faculty/student scholarship. In addition to the support provided for
traditional library and IT services, LITS staff are actively engaged in
efforts to support digital scholarship in innovative ways, including
through the internationally recognized Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi).
We are a member of national and regional consortia including the Oberlin
Group, the Islandora Collaboration Group, the Consortium of Liberal Arts
Colleges, and the Council on Library and Information Resources. LITS and
Hamilton College have a strong commitment to the ongoing professional
development of its employees, encouraging them to seek opportunities to
expand and strengthen their skills.

We seek a collaborative, creative, strategic thinker to join LITS in the
role of Digital Scholarship Librarian and Repository Manager to help
support our ambitious initiatives. Reporting to the Director of Metadata
and Digital Strategies, the incumbent will work alongside diverse faculty,
student, librarian, and IT colleagues across campus and within open-source
communities on projects that advance research, teaching, and learning.

The Digital Scholarship Librarian will employ broad knowledge and technical
expertise to enhance digital scholarship projects and library digital
collections software.  The position demands solid knowledge of current and
emerging digital scholarship practices and tools, core library standards,
systems and collections workflows, as well as the ability to think
strategically about how to evolve systems to meet emerging needs. The
incumbent will manage our digital collections systems as well as
collaborate on digital scholarship projects. This is the perfect
professional opportunity for someone who would enjoy partnering with others
to help guide Hamilton's digital future and enhance scholars' ability to
pursue new avenues for learning and research.


Broadly responsible for the development and administration of current and
emerging digital collection management systems, with a focus on how they
integrate within and beyond the library, and how they are used by the
diverse community of researchers, both at Hamilton College and beyond our

*Specific responsibilities include:*

   - Digital Scholarship Librarian
   - Work collaboratively with others in LITS and across campus to support
      digital scholarship
      - Provide recommendations and expertise for current and emerging
      scholarship tools. (e.g. data visualization, text analysis, computational
      research platforms)
      - Conduct consultations and provide instruction for students, faculty,
      and researchers using digital tools and computational methods
      - Digital repository manager
   - Recommend, plan, develop, implement, and configure user-facing tools
      and interfaces for the repository
      - Lead, in close collaboration with others:
      -    Updates and maintenance to repository
         -    Repository ingestion process; post ingestion maintenance of
         objects and metadata in the repository
         -    Preservation of repository and dark archive objects and metadata
         - Monitor all activities, keep statistics, and respond to problems
      - Recommend assessment methods
      - Creative problem solver


Required Qualifications:

   - Master of Library Science degree from an ALA accredited institution or
   equivalent knowledge gained through education and work experience.
   - Familiarity with current and emerging digital scholarship tools (e.g.
   data visualization, text analysis, computational research platforms).
   - Experience with digital collections software.
   - Knowledge of tools and standards relevant to maintaining a digital
   repository (e.g. metadata schemas, data exchange formats, text encoding
   standards, web accessibility standards, programming languages, and data
   query languages).
   - Eager to learn and experiment with new technologies.
   - Ability to overcome difficult technical challenges.
   - Demonstrated commitment to building and supporting diversity.

Desirable Qualifications:

   - Knowledge of key components of the Islandora digital repository platform
   (Drupal, MySQL, Solr, and FEDORA).
   - Experience with scripting languages.
   - Comfortable at UNIX command line.
   - Experience working in an academic library, an academic library in a
   small liberal arts college is a plus.

see Full description and application instructions are at
'DHi is a partnership of DOF and LITS to promote collaborative research and
scholarship among faculty and students.'

Janet Thomas Oppedisano
Digital Humanities Initiative Director


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