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Humanist Archives: Jan. 18, 2019, 7:04 a.m. Humanist 32.352 - events: several & various

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 352.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
                   Hosted by King's Digital Lab
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    [1]    From: Kristen Mapes 
           Subject: Free Registration Open for the Global Digital Humanities Symposium! (Mar 21-22) - Closes March 15 (50)

    [2]    From: Flanders, Julia 
           Subject: CNI/ARL Digital Scholarship Planning Workshop at Northeastern U. - registration open (45)

    [3]    From: Willard McCarty 
           Subject: CFP: Interdisciplinarity conference Sep 2019 (74)

    [4]    From: "Kay, Emma" 
           Subject: Annual Digital Lecture: Algorithms of Oppression | 2 April at The National Archives (56)

    [5]    From: Torner, Evan (torneren) 
           Subject: CFP: MLA 2020 -- Brecht as Data Set (64)

        Date: 2019-01-17 21:16:45+00:00
        From: Kristen Mapes 
        Subject: Free Registration Open for the Global Digital Humanities Symposium! (Mar 21-22) - Closes March 15

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that registration for the Global DH Symposium is
now open! Please consider joining us for all or part of this symposium, and do
spread the word to students and colleagues.


Global Digital Humanities Symposium

March 21-22, 2019
Main Library, Green Room
Michigan State University (USA)
East Lansing, Michigan


Keynote presentations:

  *   Maira E. Álvarez and Sylvia Fernández -- "Responding to the 'Border
Crisis': Digital Interventions and Transnational Partnerships"
  *   Victor Temprano and Samantha Martin-Ferris -- "Voices from Native Land,
and the Challenges of Incorporating Land and Ecological Knowledge Into Digital

Registration is now open!

Please register by: Friday, March 15

Free and open to the public. Register (for in person and/or virtual attendance)
at http://msuglobaldh.org/registration/

Digital Humanities at Michigan State University is proud to continue its
symposium series on Global DH into its fourth year.  We are delighted to feature
speakers from around the world, as well as expertise and work from faculty and
students at Michigan State University in this two day symposium. The full
program will be announced in early February.

Kristen Mapes
Assistant Director of Digital Humanities, College of Arts & Letters
Michigan State University
479 West Circle Drive, Linton Hall 308
East Lansing MI 48824
kmapes@msu.edu | @kmapesy

        Date: 2019-01-17 21:08:41+00:00
        From: Flanders, Julia 
        Subject: CNI/ARL Digital Scholarship Planning Workshop at Northeastern U. - registration open

Please circulate to interested colleagues!

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) and the Association of
Research Libraries (ARL) are pleased to announce that registration is
open for the next *Digital Scholarship Planning Workshop, co-sponsored
and hosted by Northeastern University on March 25-26, 2019 on the
Northeastern University campus in Boston, MA. Through January 31, 2019,
registration is limited to individuals who are affiliated with a CNI or
ARL member institution.* Beginning February 1, registration will be open
to all. The past two workshops have reached their maximum number quickly
so we encourage you to register soon if you are interested.
The collaborative, interactive workshop is designed both for those in
the beginning of a planning process and for those from institutions
seeking to take their services and expertise to the next level. The
workshop will feature group activities, short case-study type
presentations, panels of students and faculty, and a plenary speaker.
Speakers will be added to the workshop website soon.
Topics will include:

   * Anticipating and Assessing Needs
   * Staffing
   * Governance and Funding
   * Initiatives in Teaching & Learning and Research
   * Faculty and Student Engagement
   * Space and Place
   * Institutionalizing Digital Scholarship

This workshop is designed to help teams and individuals charged with
developing and implementing digital scholarship programs, including:

   * Library administrators
   * Partners from academic administration, information technology, and
     other relevant campus units
   * Librarians who will have a role in digital scholarship
   * Faculty who are involved in the planning, leadership, or activities
     of digital scholarship centers
   * Graduate students who are interested in a career in digital
     scholarship centers

The planning team for the workshop includes: Dan Cohen, Patrick Yott,
and Julia Flanders (Northeastern University), Kimberly Kowal (Boston
College), Trevor Munoz (University of Maryland), and Joan Lippincott (CNI).
Additional information and a link to registration ($350/individual) are
available at https://dsg.neu.edu/cni_workshop/

        Date: 2019-01-17 12:11:32+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: CFP: Interdisciplinarity conference Sep 2019

> From: Sean Johnston 

Interdisciplinarity: The New Discipline?

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow, Crichton
Campus, Dumfries, DG1 4ZL
Tuesday 3rd September - Thursday 5th September 2019

Conference Description

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow, will
mark 20 years of the University of Glasgow's presence at its Dumfries
campus with a conference examining interdisciplinarity, its evolving
interpretations, histories and uses. Amongst the key themes the
conference will consider is the normalisation of interdisciplinarity
methods, perspectives and discourses within research and educational
contexts. Participants will address the drivers, challenges and
opportunities of integrating approaches from different disciplines
offered by funding bodies, academic journals and REF panels.
Practitioners from teaching and learning are invited to address the
processes by which the difficulties and benefits of teaching mixed
disciplinary groups, with their own distinctive discourses and regimes
of truth, have been negotiated, embraced and/or abandoned.

As well as keynote and plenary sessions, the conference will also have
break-out sessions based on examining interdisciplinarity within
discipline-specific, specialist and/or niche research and teaching
groups. Each of these will feed back via a convenor at a roundtable
event during the conference to explore questions to explore what changes
have occurred and to what extent has the discourse of
interdisciplinarity provided not new approaches to intellectual
discovery but a cover for the continuation of existing disciplinary methods.

The types of key points we hope the participants on the specialist
sessions will address and the co-ordinator will feedback on are:

*         What do you mean by 'interdisciplinarity', how far does it
differ or concur with interpretations within your discipline/subject
area and how is it manifested?
*         What do different parties view as the strengths and weaknesses
of interdisciplinarity as it is practised in your research or in
relation to pedagogical approaches and teaching methods?    *         To
what extent is interdisciplinarity occurring and how do the demands of
attracting funding, achieving publication, meeting REF, managerial and
institutional demands shape the forms of interdisciplinarity?
*         How are external pressures shaping interdisciplinarity
resisted or transcended?
*         What other factors shape the promotion, marginalisation,
configuring and normalisation of interdisciplinarity? *         How, if
at all, has 'interdisciplinarity' changed your discipline/subject area
in general and your practice in particular?
*         What might others from outside your discipline/subject area
learn from your experience of interdisciplinarity?

Please submit abstracts of 200 words (maximum) proposing paper,
presentation or poster by Thursday 4th April 2019 to either:

Dr Sandy Whitelaw: Alexander.Whitelaw@glasgow.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Policy
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Glasgow
Crichton Campus
Dumfries DG1 4ZL


Dr Benjamin Franks: Benjamin.Franks@Glasgow.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Glasgow
Crichton Campus
Dumfries DG1 4ZL

        Date: 2019-01-17 08:46:36+00:00
        From: "Kay, Emma" 
        Subject: Annual Digital Lecture: Algorithms of Oppression | 2 April at The National Archives

Annual Digital Lecture: Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines
Reinforce Racism

The National Archives, Kew | 2 April, 18.15 -- 20.30

Dear colleagues,

The National Archives convenes an annual Digital Lecture focusing on
digital and technological innovations and cutting-edge theories and
methods of relevance to archives.

This year, on 2 April, we are hosting our 2nd Annual Digital Lecture,
and we are delighted to welcome Dr Safiya Umoja Noble
Associate Professor at UCLA and a visiting faculty member to the
University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communication.

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism

In this exciting talk, Dr. Noble will discuss the impact of
marginalisation and misrepresentation in commercial information
platforms, as well as the implications for public information needs.

After the talk there will be a poster exhibition with lightning talks
to showcase the digital research currently underway at The National

To find out more and book your place, please visit our Eventbrite page.

It is free to attend the annual Digital Lecture, but you must book your
place in advance.

Please do also distribute these details via your own channels to any
colleagues who may wish to attend.

Best wishes,

The Research Team

The National Archives

Emma Kay | Academic Communications and Impact Officer 
The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU|+44
(0)80518731(ext. 2013)

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Follow our research Twitter account @UkNatArcRes

        Date: 2019-01-17 07:03:01+00:00
        From: Torner, Evan (torneren) 
        Subject: CFP: MLA 2020 -- Brecht as Data Set

Call for Papers

Convention of the Modern Language Association
Seattle, WA (9-12 January January 2020).

Brecht as Data Set

The International Brecht Society invites papers and comments on how
digital humanities methodologies open up new approaches to Brecht's
writings and their "use-value" today, providing an opportunity to
explore the challenges and limits of algorithms when they meet literary
hermeneutics. The digital turn has had an impact on the teaching and
practice of literary scholarship. Yet, while digital humanities
methodologies have been lauded for at least two decades in literary
studies, many students and colleagues are perplexed as to what such
approaches entail. Skeptical observers tend to see literature and the
digital world as fundamentally incompatible, yet nearly everyone
recognizes that scholarly communication will soon be largely organized
in digital venues. The digital migration of the world's library archives
is well underway. Both critics and promoters of digital humanities see
it as a kind of replacement for traditional humanities scholarship, but
the work of the literary critic has not changed with the advent of new
technological hardware and software.

For reference, digital repositories of Brecht material include:

  1. Six-volume Chadwyck-Healey Jubiläumsausgabe of Brecht's works:

  2. The Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin:
  3. Akademie der Künste ongoing digitization of Brecht's film-related
  4. Akademie der Künste's soon-to-be-accessible digitization of Brecht's
  5. Suhrkamp's ongoing publication of Brecht's notebooks:

We seek proposals that help bring Brecht in the digital age. What do we
gain and lose in this transition?  250-word abstracts to Marc Silberman
(mdsilber@wisc.edu) and Evan Torner (evan.torner@uc.edu) by March 18, 2019.



Dr. Evan Torner

University of Cincinnati
Assistant Professor, German Studies

Undergraduate Director, German Studies
Director, UC Game Lab
Affiliate, Center of Film & Media Studies

Affiliate, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Analog Game Studies

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