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Humanist Archives: Jan. 18, 2019, 7:18 a.m. Humanist 32.356 - a text analysis learning group (Penn)

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        Date: 2019-01-17 16:44:59+00:00
        From: mdesjardin@gmail.com
        Subject: WORD LAB text analysis group at Penn

I'm writing to let anyone who is interested and in the Philadelphia
area know that the Penn Libraries' text analysis learning group, WORD
LAB, is gearing up for the new year and will resume meeting next week
on January 24 (Thursday), 12-1:30 pm. This is a kickoff/planning
meeting so please come and tell us what you would like to do this

WORD LAB meets every Thursday from 1/24 onward, in 526 Van Pelt from
12-1:30pm. More information and a schedule can be found on our website
at https://w0rdlab.org. Here are some upcoming guests who will join us
for an informal discussion of their research:

Jan 31: Jeffrey Tharsen (Chicago)
Feb 21: Paul Vierthaler (Leiden)
Mar 21: Chris Jimenez (Stetson)
Mar 28: Doug Duhaime (Yale)

On non-guest weeks we meet to discuss an article, project, etc. Please
join us - no registration is needed and we are certainly not limited
to Penn folks! Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you can stay
for the whole meeting or not. Please email Molly Des Jardin
(mollydes@upenn.edu) or Katie Rawson (krawson@upenn.edu) to be added
to our email list or with any questions.

Molly Des Jardin
Japanese Studies Librarian
WORD LAB co-founder and organizer
University of Pennsylvania

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