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Humanist Archives: March 12, 2019, 8:11 a.m. Humanist 32.535 - PhD positions (Lille, Luxembourg)

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    [1]    From: info@tomasp.net
           Subject: Joint PhD on History and Philosophy of Computing (Lille and Kent) (41)

    [2]    From: Stefan Krebs 
           Subject: 2 PhD candidates, Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (107)

        Date: 2019-03-12 07:11:13+00:00
        From: info@tomasp.net
        Subject: Joint PhD on History and Philosophy of Computing (Lille and Kent)

Dear all,

we are inviting applications for a 3-year funded joint PhD position in
History and/or Philosophy of Computing in Université de Lille (France) and
University of Kent (UK). We have some possible suggested topics (see below),
but the theme is not fixed, so if you (or anyone you know) is interested in
doing a PhD in History and/or Philosophy of Computing in Europe, please
apply or let your colleagues know!

Joint PhD Scholarship on History and Philosophy of Computing (Université de
Lille and University of Kent)

We rely on computers to manage our communication, access to information,
finances and even health. Despite recurring reports of software failures,
programming mistakes and unintended consequences, most of our understanding
of how computers work is of a highly technical nature. Consider, for
example, the rich conceptual arsenal that programmers have developed to help
them control what computers do. Where do these programming concepts, methods
and practices come from? What are their inherent limitations? And can they
provide a reliable way of controlling computers, as the word "science" in
"computer science" suggests?

We are inviting applications for a 3-year funded PhD position in History
and/or Philosophy of Computing, jointly supervised by Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS
- (UMR 8163, Université de Lille), Tomas Petricek (University of Kent) and
Shahid Rahman (UMR 8163, Université de Lille).The position will be shared
between Université de Lille and University of Kent in Canterbury in the
framework of the call for proposals of co-supervised doctorates between
I-site ULNE and the University of Kent. You will be expected to spend two
years in Lille and one year in Canterbury. The scope of the project is
open-ended and we encourage interested applicants to informally contact us
as soon as possible in order to develop a more detailed research proposal.

For sample possible research topics and information about how to apply,
please see: http://hapoc.org/node/303

Tomas Petricek

        Date: 2019-03-11 16:20:08+00:00
        From: Stefan Krebs 
        Subject: 2 PhD candidates, Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History

The University of Luxembourg invites applications for the following
vacancy in its Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)

       2 Doctoral candidates (PhD student) in the field of contemporary
       history/history of technology (M/F)

   * /Ref. 50012960 and ///50012961/ - (R-AGR-3499-10-C), Acronym: REPAIR/
   * Fixed-term contract 14 months, renewable up to 4 years, full-time
   * Student and employee status (48 months studies programme)
   * Latest possible start date 1 September 2019

           Your Role

The candidate will be a member of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary
and Digital History (C²DH), which is one of the three Interdisciplinary
Centres of Luxembourg University. The C²DH is a research centre for the
study, analysis and public dissemination of contemporary history of
Luxembourg and Europe with a particular focus on digital methods and
tools for doing innovative historical research. It serves as a catalyst
for innovative and creative scholarship and new forms of public
dissemination and societal engagement with history.

The PhD student will work under supervision of assistant professor
Stefan Krebs in the FNR funded research project "Repairing Technology 
/ Fixing Society? History of Maintenance and Repair in Luxembourg
(1918-1990)" (C15/SC/12547405). The REPAIR project will be the first
systematic historical study of repair practices, networks and
infrastructures in the short 20^th century (c. 1918-1990).

So far, repair and maintenance have been understudied sites and moments
in the history of technology. The focus on innovation has obscured the
importance of maintenance and repair; instead the bulk of research
focused on design, manufacturing and use of technology. It is generally
assumed that practices of repair and reuse have gradually declined along
with the rise of 20th-century mass consumption societies. However, it is
safe to argue that maintenance and repair have not become obsolete in
modern consumer societies. And the recent repair movement, visible in
local repair cafés and fix-it clinics, highlights the timeliness of
studying the history of repair.

The REPAIR project will analyse the changes and continuities in the
history of maintenance and repair, using Luxembourg as a key example of
a Western consumer society. The project encompasses three research
strands: the first investigates the maintenance and repair of one of the
quintessential 20^th century consumer technologies: the telephone; the
second traces the decline of professional repair services; and the third
focuses on the development of post-war self-repair practices, situated
between leisure activity and political activism.

Analysing the maintenance of technical infrastructures, urban repair
offers and cultures of self-repair will advance our historical knowledge
of the large material, organisational, knowledge and discursive
investments needed to keep technologies functioning. By revealing when,
why and how technical objects were maintained, repaired or scrapped, the
project will provide crucial insights into the historical and political
contexts of the emergence of consumer identities, the hidden societal
and environmental dimensions of repair, and the quest for more
sustainable consumption practices.


   * Write a thesis on "Infrastructures of Repair: Maintaining the
     Telephone System in Luxembourg" OR "The Development of Urban Repair
     Networks: the City of Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette"
   * Contribute to research in the field of contemporary history, history
     of technology and/or environmental history (and related fields)

For further information please contact: stefan.krebs@uni.lu

For more information about C²DH, please visit: https://www.C2DH.uni.lu

The job advertisements can also be found here:
http://emea3.mrted.ly/23zm1, http://emea3.mrted.ly/23zn5

           Your Profile

   * Master's degree or diploma in history, history of technology or
     related field
   * Good command of the following languages: English, French and/or German

           We offer

   * An interesting position within an international research centre;
   * Dynamic and multicultural research environment;
   * Personal work space at the University

           Further Information

Candidates should submit the following documents:

   * Motivation letter
   * Curriculum vitae
   * Copies of diplomas
   * List of publications (if applicable)

Please send your application online by *22 April 2019 *to

The University of Luxembourg is an equal opportunity employer.

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