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Humanist Archives: March 12, 2019, 8:17 a.m. Humanist 32.538 - uses of 'the same sea'

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        Date: 2019-03-11 13:12:08+00:00
        From: Martin Wynne 
        Subject: re: uses of 'the same sea'?

Some examples of figurative uses of "same sea":

"Outwardly, we see only the effects, the image on the screen, of this
vast sea of Mind. The patterns and rhythms of the sensory realm are only
reflections of more fundamental attributes of Mind.  Even the cycles of
this world are also of the greater Mind.  If therefore, there were
cycles within the greater Mind itself, geared towards a regulation and
administration of life upon our planet, then we can begin to see how
enigmas such as apparent geographical inheritance can be understood.
And how, as the continents and oceans shift and slide, so too are
creaturely minds and instincts automatically adapted, for they are all
linked to that *same sea* of shifting Mind."

Natural creation & the formative mind, John Davidson, 1991 [found via a
sample of this book in the British National Corpus]

And below are some examples of what appear to be metaphorical uses of
the phrase from EEBO (found via https://cqpweb.lancs.ac.uk/):

"So , in the Civil Elements of States , Which seem thus varied by
resembling fates ; Strangers and Natives both alike have place , And
variously compound a mingled Race .
  What the first Planters , or first Kings engross't , Is in wide Fields
of long Successions lost .
  Their ancient Boundaries as much unknown , As the Right Lines of all
those Ages gone .
*The same Sea* , with new Waves does ebb and flow , So while one Age
does come , another go , The Race inherits still the Common Name ,
Though not one Individual is the Same .
  Each Hundred Years , new Natives rise ; the Change In some few
Centuries , is yet more strange .
  For notwithstanding all that Time has won , It has but won from
Generations gone ."

Poems upon several occasions, and, to several persons by the author of
The censure of the Rota., Leigh, Richard, 1675

"Secondly , Let all those that fear God , unite against this common
adversary : your divisions will always be his advantages , their way
having always been to fish in such troubled waters ; Captare tempor a
impacata , Rev. 15.1. though the Sea of glass be mingled with fire , yet
they that have gotten Victory over the Beast , should stand together
upon*the same Sea* , with the Harps of God in their hands : Commune
periculum concordi pulsandum . "

A voice from heaven, calling the people of God to a perfect separation
from mystical Babylon as it was delivered in a sermon at Pauls before
the Right Honorable the Lord Major and Aldermen of the city of London,
on Novem. 5, 1653 / by William Strong [http://purl.ox.ac.uk/ota/A61852]

"The fortune of the Commonwealth is not yet so well settled after so
many storms , as that we ought to launch forth into *the same Sea* ,
without fear of more dangers . "

The history of Venice ... written originally in Italian by Paulo Paruta
... ; likewise the wars of Cyprus, by the same authour, wherein the
famous sieges of Nicossia, and Famagosta, and Battel of Lepanto are
contained ; made English by Henry, Earl of Monmouth. 1658

"And this , among other , may be a cause , why the wisdom of God sends
us not to be suitors to the glorious Saints in Heaven , but commands us
to crave the joint prayers of our brethren on Earth , which are still
tossed in *the same Sea* of misery and infirmity with us."

A replie to Iesuit Fishers answere to certain questions propou[n]ded by
his most gratious Matie: King Iames By Francis White D, 1624

"It teaches parents to have a care not to displease God , if not for
their own sakes , yet for their dear children 's cause , whom they may ,
by their disobedience , bring into *the same sea* of misery into which
they fall themselves : Thou think it thy duty to provide for their
maintenance , and lay up for them ; but take heed that thou fill not the
treasures of Gods wrath , which though they miss thy head , will fall
upon the hairy scalp of thy posterity : and shall not then thy children
have cause to curse their father that begat them , their mother that
bare them , the time wherein they were conceived , when they see
themselves inherit the wickedness of their Parents ."

Five sermons, preached upon several texts by that learned and worthy
divine, Thomas Wetherel, B.D. 1635 [http://purl.ox.ac.uk/ota/A73391]

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