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Humanist Archives: March 15, 2019, 5:24 a.m. Humanist 32.551 - events: mediated text; textual scholarship

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    [1]    From: Leah Henrickson 
           Subject: 'Mediated Text' Symposium: Loughborough London, 5 April 2019 (79)

    [2]    From: Wout Dillen 
           Subject: ESTS 2019 Málaga: Textual Scholarship in the 21st Century – CFP Deadline 31 May (73)

        Date: 2019-03-14 17:17:22+00:00
        From: Leah Henrickson 
        Subject: 'Mediated Text' Symposium: Loughborough London, 5 April 2019

Dear all,

Please see below for an invitation to - and registration instructions
for - our 'Mediated Text' symposium at Loughborough University's London
(UK) campus on Friday, 5 April 2019. An updated programme is attached.

The Mediated Text

A Textual Futures symposium at Loughborough London, 5 April 2019

Digitally-assisted ways of engaging with texts - literature, film,
theatre and soundscapes - have brought the relationship between art and
audience under new scrutiny. E-books, for example, give readers a
hitherto unknown level of control over the appearance of their texts,
while the rise of the digital audiobook places an external agent (the
narrator) between the page and its interpreter. These phenomena make
clear what is always true, though often hidden: our interactions with
texts have never been a pure, unadulterated coupling of narrative and
narratee but are always affected by numerous external factors.

On Friday 5th April 2019, Loughborough University’s Communication and
Culture Beacon
Sub-Theme /Textual Futures/ will host ‘The Mediated Text’ symposium at
its London campus. We will be joined by members of BBC’s Research and
Development team, publishers, and academics including Professors Martin
Eve and Matthew Rubery to explore how engaging with texts has always
been, is currently and may in the future be a mediated experience.

The day will feature a mix of practical demonstrations of DH projects,
video exhibitions, round table discussions, keynotes and research
papers. This variety of presentation styles will, we hope, help us to
harness the energy of this fast-moving and elastic field of
interdisciplinary research.

The symposium registration fee is £35 including lunch and other
refreshments throughout the day. Registration for those not affiliated
with Loughborough University is available at

Please contact Ms Leah Henrickson (L.R.Henrickson@lboro.ac.uk) for
more information, and/or if you are affiliated with Loughborough
University and wish to register.

Barbara Cooke and Leah Henrickson
Loughborough University

*Leah Henrickson*
Doctoral Researcher President
DH@lboro Web Manager


*Recent publications:*

Leah Henrickson, 'Computer-Generated Fiction in a Literary Lineage:
Breaking the hermeneutic contract', /Logos/, 29.2-3 (2018), 54-63

Leah Henrickson, 'Butterflies, Busy Weekends, and Chicken Salad: Genetic
Criticism and the Output of @Pentametron', /Authorship/, 7.1 (2018)

Leah Henrickson, 'Tool vs. agent: attributing agency to natural language
generation systems', D/igital Creativity/,//29.2-3 (2018),

School of the Arts, English and Drama
Martin Hall (MHL 1.34)
Loughborough University

Mediated Text Programme.pdf: https://dhhumanist.org/att/56041/att00/ 

        Date: 2019-03-14 13:22:17+00:00
        From: Wout Dillen 
        Subject: ESTS 2019 Málaga: Textual Scholarship in the 21st Century – CFP Deadline 31 May

European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS 2019)

Dear colleagues,

The organising committee of the ESTS 2019 conference in Málaga (Spain) have
asked me to pass on the following information. We look forward to reading your
abstracts and welcoming you to Málaga!

All the best,


CFP ESTS 2019 Málaga: Textual Scholarship in the 21st Century
Society: ESTS

Venue: University of Málaga

Dates: 28-29 November 2019

CFP Deadline: 31 May 2019

Contact: ests2019@uma.es

The Organising Committee and the European Society for Textual
Scholarship {file:///Users/WoutDLN/www.textualscholarship.eu} cordially invite
you to participate in the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the European Society
for Textual Scholarship (ESTS 2019), which will be held at the University of
Málaga (Spain) on November 28th-29th, 2019. This year's theme for the
conference will be: Textual Scholarship in the 21st Century.

Textual Criticism has traveled a long path of both theoretical and practical
approaches to editing. The advent of new technologies has undoubtedly
contributed to new attitudes and methods in the field. However, there is still a
long way to go and many questions remain open to debate in textual scholarship:

  *   In which direction is textual scholarship moving?
  *   What are the specific challenges, but also opportunities, that lie before
textual scholars?
  *   What is the scholarly, intellectual and cultural role of textual editing
and how can we realize that role?
  *   What kind of new tools, methods, audiences are available to textual

A suggested, albeit not prescriptive, list of themes for conference
presentations includes:

  *   Textual scholarship across the centuries
  *   Do new technologies change our editorial principles?
  *   Textual scholarship: methods and tools
  *   Textual scholarship in the digital humanities
  *   New models of editing
  *   Editing context

As as well as other more general topics that have always been fostered by the

  *   Selection of texts worth editing
  *   The target audience
  *   Scholarly editions: use and users

The organizing committee welcomes abstracts of up to 300 words for 20-minute
papers until 31 May 2019. For the full CFP, which includes more detailed
submission guidelines, information on alternative session formats, confirmed
keynote speakers, and registration fees, please visit the ESTS

Organising Committee:

  *   Laura Esteban-Segura (Chair)
  *   Javier Calle-Martí­n (Treasurer)
  *   David Moreno (Secretary)

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