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Humanist Archives: March 23, 2019, 6:34 a.m. Humanist 32.569 - events: stylometry workshop (Newcastle)

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        Date: 2019-03-22 11:47:14+00:00
        From: James Cummings 
        Subject: Introduction to Stylometry Workshop, 11-12 April 2019, Newcastle University

[Please forward to anyone interested]
Introduction to Stylometry Workshop
Newcastle University, 11-12 April 2019

Free 2-Day Workshop on Stylometry!

The Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute and the Animating Text
Newcastle University project are pleased to host a free introductory stylometry
workshop by Jan Rybicki, Assistant Professor at the Jagiellonian University in
Kraków. No previous experience in programming or computational text analysis is

For more information and the registration form please visit:

This two-day workshop will introduce participants to the field of stylometry. An
introductory lecture shows the main tenets, methods and achievements (and
failures) of the field, together with examples of research in authorship
attribution and distant reading. Much of the work will be focused on the
stylometric signal in translation. In the following hands-on workshop, the
participants will be acquainted with stylo, a package for the statistical
programming environment R co-written by the instructor. This package is a way to
avoid R's steep learning curve so that humanists can easily perform advanced
quantitative analyses of texts. While stylo has its own built-in visualization
tools, the second part of the workshop will also introduce gephi, a piece of
network analysis software. Finally, the participants will be challenged to
perform their first own analyses on their own collections of texts or on those
provided for them. No programming skills are required!

Jan is a world leader on the use of computational methods for tracing the
stylometric signals of authors, translators, genres and genders in literary
texts in several languages. Together with Maciej Eder and Mike Kestemont, he is
a co-author of the 'stylo' package for R, which has become a well-known tool of
stylometric analysis. He is also an active literary translator; he has
translated some 30 novels from English to Polish by such authors as John le
Carre, Kazuo Ishiguro or William Golding.

Dr James Cummings, James.Cummings@newcastle.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Late-Medieval Literature and Digital Humanities
School of English, Newcastle University

Many thanks,



Dr James Cummings, James.Cummings@newcastle.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Late-Medieval Literature and Digital Humanities

School of English, Newcastle University

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