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Humanist Archives: March 26, 2019, 6:31 a.m. Humanist 32.573 - postdocs; research assistant; faculty position

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 573.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
                   Hosted by King's Digital Lab
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    [1]    From: Susan Schreibman 
           Subject: PostDoctoral Position at Maastricht University (38)

    [2]    From: Elspeth Brown 
           Subject: Jackman postdoc (Toronto) (78)

    [3]    From: Christian Thomas 
           Subject: Job Opening in Berlin: Full-time Research Assistant (Digital Scholarly Editions and Research Software Development) at the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (140)

    [4]    From: Lisa Maurizio 
           Subject: job advert - Hellenist with DH skills (21)

        Date: 2019-03-26 06:00:30+00:00
        From: Susan Schreibman 
        Subject: PostDoctoral Position at Maastricht University

Applicants are invited for a 15 month postdoctoral position supporting
the “IGNITE” project (https://ignite.acdh.oeaw.ac.at/)funded by Creative
Europe, Media.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic, multi-national
research team creating an online module in Design Thinking and Making to
be taught at MA level Maastricht and Aarhus Universities, as well as
online through the #dariahTeach platform.

We are looking for a talented and flexible early career researcher to be
part of the team to assist with a range of activities supporting both
the development of the module and the #dariahTeach platform

Researchers who have a completed a PhD in humanities or who have
recently submitted, social science or education, with methodological
experience in one or more of the following: e-learning, digital
humanities, or design thinking are invited to apply. The candidate
should have interest in and experience with a multidisciplinary approach
to the areas of Knowledge, Technology and Digitalisation. The
postdoctoral researcher will be based at Maastricht University.

Further details and application information are available

The closing date for applications is 24 April 2019.

Prof. dr. Susan Schreibman
Professor of Digital Art and Culture
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Maastricht University
Maastricht, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)43 388 32 82

        Date: 2019-03-25 15:53:00+00:00
        From: Elspeth Brown 
        Subject: Jackman postdoc (Toronto)

The Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) at the University of Toronto,
with support from the Council of Library and Information Resources
(CLIR) offers a twelve-month Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital
Humanities with a focus on digital cultures and computational approaches
to humanities research. The JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellow will have an
established track record in their own discipline and/or the digital
humanities. They will pursue their own research while at UofT, while
working to foster the JHI's DH Network at UofT. They will receive
training, research, and networking opportunities through CLIR.

The mandate of the JHI DH Network is to design and support initiatives
that raise awareness of and build upon UofT's existing strengths in the
digital humanities. In this context, digital humanities means the
communities and methods, tools, and platforms-based approaches often
associated with the term "digital humanities"; and a broader agenda that
also encompasses interpretative or theoretical work on digitality, and a
wide variety of computational approaches to humanities research.


The JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellow will be supported to attend the CLIR's
Postdoctoral Fellowship program's mandatory week-long seminar (28 July-3
August 2019) at Bryn Mawr College and other CLIR events.[1] The JHI DH
Postdoctoral Fellow will draw upon their disciplinary expertise and upon
training provided by CLIR, the JHI, and UofT Libraries to connect and
strengthen DH projects across the tricampus university. Specifically,
depending on their own skillset and research interests, the JHI DH
Postdoctoral Fellow will:

   * direct the development and organization of the annual summer meeting
     of the DH Network, August 2019 at UTM, in close collaboration with
     administrative staff;
   * establish and maintain online spaces where members of the DH Network
     can share information about their research and discuss matters of
     common interest;
   * run regular roundtables and workshops at the JHI and
     with UofT Libraries on digital humaniâ\x{80}\x{93}ties topics;
   * organize, facilitate, and participate in other tricampus DH training
   * facilitate introductions and connections between researchers within
     the DH Network;
   * in consultation with digital librarians, provide one-on-one and
     group consultancy to humanities researchers seeking to make use of
     infrastructure for digital scholarship in and beyond UofT;
   * participate in planning the future shape and directions of the DHN
   * articipate in weekly JHI fellows lunches every Thursday from the
     beginning of September to the first week of May.

The JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellowship is a twelve-month position, from 1
July 2019 to 30 June 2020, co-supervised by Alexandra Gillespie and
Elspeth Brown. The JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellow may seek additional
research supervision from within UofT according to their own interests.
They will have access to equipment and collaborative digital working
space at JHI. This fellowship award provides an annual stipend of
$51,500 (CAD) plus benefits. The incumbent is welcome to seek up to 1.0
FYE credits in teaching as a sessional instructor with the appropriate
unit(s) at the University of Toronto. The JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellow
will be expected to pursue their own research; projects relevant to the
JHI's annual theme of Strange Weather are particularly desired.

Annual Theme, 2019-2020: Strange Weather

How might the humanities contribute to the critical discourse on energy
and climate? The energy crisis is no longer simply about limited
supplies but now concerns the very nature and place of energy in human
life and society. Strange weather as symptom of changing climate
destabilizes our trust in and certainty of our home (i.e. our planet)
and provokes fantasies of control and of chaos. How can we help frame
questions of environmental degradation, scientific knowledge and its
popularization, especially in their relation to social equity, and
societal futures?

Elspeth H. Brown
Associate Professor, History
University of Toronto

[1] https://www.clir.org/fellowships/postdoc/

        Date: 2019-03-25 14:06:02+00:00
        From: Christian Thomas 
        Subject: Job Opening in Berlin: Full-time Research Assistant (Digital Scholarly Editions and Research Software Development) at the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Dear colleagues, 

on behalf of Dr. Tobias Kraft I would like to draw your
attention to the following job posting for the new CENTRO HUMBOLDT -
Center for Digital Cultural Heritage Research, a cooperation between the
Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Casa Museo
Alejandro de Humboldt (Havana):

public corporation based in Berlin. Its academic profile is
characterized above all by long-term basic research in the humanities
and cultural sciences. The Academy employs around 350 staff and has an
annual budget of around 25 million euros.

For the launch of an international digitization and digital edition
project, the Academy invites applications for the position of a

*Research Assistant (male/female/divers) in the field of Digital 
Humanities (Digital Scholarly Editions and Research Software Development)
100% full-time position for an initial duration until December 31, 2021.

The position should ideally begin as soon as possible.

    The project

The CENTRO HUMBOLDT -- Center for Digital Cultural Heritage Research,
to be founded in 2019, is an international cooperation at two locations:
Berlin (BBAW) and Havana (Casa Museo Alejandro de Humboldt). As an
interdisciplinary and intercultural project, the CENTRO HUMBOLDT will be
home to a team of international researchers who work to preserve,
develop and research written cultural heritage with the help of the
technologies and methods of the digital humanities. This includes
creating the philological basis for the corpus to be jointly developed
within the framework of a digital workflow (digitization -- metadata
capture -- text capture in TEI-XML -- publication) and supporting it with
own research and scholarly editing (transcription, indexing, annotation).

The position includes regular work assignments and team meetings in
Havana. The focus of the project is on cultural and scientific
historical sources of the 18th and 19th centuries in the context of
Alexander von Humboldt's American journey.


  * Organization and optimization of the digital workflow at bot\x{95} h
    project locations
  * Adaptation of the input interface for digital editions based on
    Oxygen-XML-Author and ediarum.BASE.edit including documentation
    (German/Spanish) and tests
  * Development of a responsive output component for digital editions
    and API-implementation
  * Oversight of the hardware and software architecture for the project
  * Training of the Cuban team
  * Collaboration in the research and text capturing of the project's corpus
  * Presentation of research results at relevant conferences and workshops


  * University degree in computer science, digital humanities or a
    humanities major (modern philologies, history, cultural studies)
    with a strong research or work experience in digital methods and
  * Proven experience in a specific field of digital humanities research
    and/or the application of the TEI-XML Guidelines and its
    implementation in digital scholarly editions
  * Proven knowledge of one or several programming languages
  * High proficiency in Spanish (level C1) and German (level B2)
  * Very good communication, organization and team skills
  * Ability to work independently, structured and result-oriented

      Desired are experiences in/with

  * data modeling and processing with XML and X-technologies (XSLT,
    XQuery, Regex, and XML databases)
  * front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  * customizing Oxygen-XML-Author
  * customization of Linux (preferably in server administration)

The monthly salary will be paid in accordance with *remuneration group
13 TV-L Berlin* (Berlin public service salary scale).

The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities endeavours to
increase the proportion of women in areas in which they are
underrepresented in accordance with the provisions of the State Equal
Opportunities Act and the Women's Promotion Plan; applications from
women are therefore ex-pressly welcome.

Applications from people with a migration background are expressly
welcome. Applications from severely disabled persons will be given
priority if they are equally suitable.

The application documents can be submitted in German or English.
However, the documents should always include a letter of motivation
(max. 1 page) in English or Spanish.

Please send your written application, preferably in PDF format (one
file) not exceeding 5 MB in size via e-mail with the subject
*AV/03/2019* no later than *April 14, 2019* to

    Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
    Referat Personal und Recht
    Frau Ines Hanke
    Jägerstraße 22/23, 10117 Berlin

For cost reasons, application documents can only be returned if a free
envelope is enclosed.

This job advertisement is also available in PDF format via the web pages
of the BBAW:


Dr. Tobias Kraft
Arbeitsstellenleiter  im Akademienvorhaben
"Alexander von Humboldt auf Reisen - Wissenschaft aus der Bewegung"

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jägerstraße 22/23, 10117 Berlin

Raum 2.68, Tel. +49 (0)30-20370316

Twitter: @tobias_kraft


        Date: 2019-03-25 12:46:27+00:00
        From: Lisa Maurizio 
        Subject: job advert - Hellenist with DH skills


I'm writing to announce a two-year position (the second one I've
listed). This position is for a Hellenist. This four-course position
comes with full-health benefits, annual travel funds, opportunities to
apply for faculty development funds, etc. I'm happy to answer any
questions you may have. lmaurizi@bates.edu. You may learn about both
positions at:

Hellenist: https://apply.interfolio.com/61150
Romanist: https://apply.interfolio.com/61149

Lisa Maurizio
Professor of Classical and Medieval Studies
Bates College
Lewiston Maine 04240

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