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Humanist Archives: April 4, 2019, 8:44 a.m. Humanist 32.593 - pubs: Reading as Democracy in Crisis

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        Date: 2019-04-04 02:10:37+00:00
        From: Jim Rovira 
        Subject: Book Announcement for Reading as Democracy in Crisis: Interpretation, Theory, History

A book announcement relevant to members of this list because its final
chapter discusses digital humanities. It will also be relevant to those who
study literary theory and the philosophy of language.

Jim R


I'm pleased to announce that Reading as Democracy in Crisis:
Interpretation, Theory, History is now available for order on Rowman &
Littlefield's website:


The chapters in this book demonstrate how the variety of reading strategies
represented by the figures and movements discussed within its pages were
motivated in part by different historical circumstances, many of which
involved periods of crises in democracy. These circumstances range from
Plato's Thirty Tyrants to the French Revolution to the two World Wars and
the Holocaust, from the Civil Rights movement to LBGTQ rights to the Arab
Spring in Egypt to social media. It covers figures and movements such as
Plato and Derrida; Hegel; Marx; Wittgenstein; Warren; Rosenblatt; Adorno,
Foucault, Derrida, and Frow; Butler; and Object-Oriented Ontology alongside
Digital Humanities. Chapters include:

1 Democracy as Context for Theory: Plato and Derrida as Readers of
Socrates, by James Rovira
2 Historian, Forgive Us: Study of the Past as Hegel’s Methodology of Faith,
by Aglaia Maretta Venters
3 Karl Marx: The End of the Enlightenment, by Eric Hood
4 Ludwig Wittgenstein: Toward a Dialectical Pragmatism, by Steve Wexler
5 Robert Penn Warren: Poetry, Racism, and the Burden of History, by
Cassandra Falke
6 Louise Rosenblatt: The Reader, Democracy, and the Ethics of Reading, by
Meredith N. Sinclair
7 Aesthetic Theory: From Adorno to Cultural History, by Philip Goldstein
8 Judith Butler: A Livable Life, by Darcie Rives-East
9 Networking the Great Outdoors: Object-Oriented Ontology and the Digital
Humanities, by Roger Whitson

The following 30% discount code is valid until April 30, 2020: LEX30AUTH19.
It should work on the publisher's website linked above.

This book presents straightforward explanations of each figure's or
movement's central ideas alongside an original thesis about each figure or
movement, so it can also be useful for introducing students to different
theoretical approaches to texts.

Thanks very much,

Dr. James Rovira 

Bright Futures Educational Consulting

   - Writing for College and Beyond (A first year writing textbook. Lulu
   Press, forthcoming. .pdf files available for preview if you're interested
   in considering this text for your classroom. It is fully customizable for
   departmental orders.)
   - Reading as Democracy in Crisis: Interpretation, Theory, History
     (Lexington Books,
   in production)
   - Rock and Romanticism: Post-Punk, Goth, and Metal as Dark Romanticisms
    (Palgrave Macmillan,
   May 2018)
   - Rock and Romanticism: Blake, Wordsworth, and Rock from Dylan to U2
   Books, February 2018)
   - Assembling the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Essays on the Social,
   Cultural, and Geopolitical Domains
   Chapter 8 (McFarland Books, 2018)
   - Kierkegaard, Literature, and the Arts
   Chapter 12 (Northwestern UP, 2018)
   - Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety

Active CFPs

   - Women in Rock/ Women in Romanticism
   edited anthology
   - David Bowie and Romanticism
   edited anthology

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