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Humanist Archives: April 8, 2019, 6:06 a.m. Humanist 32.602 - events: cultural heritage (Vanderbilt)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 602.
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        Date: 2019-04-07 21:49:26+00:00
        From: Madeleine  Casad 
        Subject: Encoding Cultural Heritage at Scale: May 2-3 at Vanderbilt University

An event announcement that may be of interest:

Cultural Heritage at Scale 2019: Encoding Cultural Heritage at
Scale (http://heritage-at-scale.info/)

Please join us for the 4th annual Cultural Heritage at Scale conference on May
2-3 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The focus of the
conference this year is encoding cultural heritage using the Text Encoding
Initiative (TEI) as well as the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI). Speakers will
discuss a range of TEI-based digital projects, including the Hannah Arendt
Digital Edition, The Poetess Archive, Syriaca.org: the
Syriac Reference Portal, and the Urfehdebücher der Stadt Basel, among others.
The schedule includes workshops on introductory and advanced topics related to
digital text encoding.  The conference is sponsored by the Vanderbilt Center for
Digital Humanities, the Cultural Heritage Research Cluster at Vanderbilt
University, and the Vanderbilt University Library.

Registration is free and open to the public. To register, please visit

Nashville, Tennessee is served by the Nashville International Airport (BNA).
Many hotels are within walking distance of the Vanderbilt campus.  In addition,
travelers may find affordable lodging on campus at the Scarritt Bennet Center:

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