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Humanist Archives: April 13, 2019, 7:46 a.m. Humanist 32.610 - academic positions in digital humanities (London)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 610.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
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        Date: 2019-04-13 06:38:55+00:00
        From: Bernard Geoghegan 
        Subject: Five posts in digital media


Just a heads up: The Department of Digital Humanities at King's College
London, where I work, is making 5 hires in digital media. All are for
unlimited (i.e not term) contracts. The department is open to
backgrounds from cultural studies to computer science and beyond. More
info below. Feel free to email me directly if you're interested and have
questions. Announcement below.

Best, b

King's College London is recruiting Lecturers and a Senior Lecturer in
the Department of Digital Humanities. Lecturers are the UK equivalent of
Assistant Professors and Senior Lecturers correspond to Associate
Professors in the US system.

King's College London is in the fourth year of making a significant
investment in the Department of Digital Humanities as part of an
ambitious programme of growth and expansion in existing and emergent
research areas and student numbers across its five Master programmes and
the BA Digital Culture.

King's College London has a long tradition of research in the Digital
Humanities, going back to the early 1990s. King's is one of the few
places in the world where students at all levels can pursue a wide range
of inter-disciplinary study of the digital

We are seeking to recruit exceptional candidates to join the Department
no later than 1st September, who can enthuse and inspire our students,
conduct world-leading research, and contribute to the life and
reputation of the Department through academic leadership and public

We are hiring for

·Lecturer in Digital Marketing and Communications (https://bit.ly/2HOEZXh)
·Lecturer in Games and Virtual Environments (https://bit.ly/2TL3dDH)
·Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Methods (https://bit.ly/2TKbJ5A)
·Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Global Digital Cultures (https://bit.ly/2U5xZfd)
·Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Design and Technologies (https://bit.ly/2Uka7E2)

Closing date: 28 April 2019

Lecturer candidates will be on their way to becoming scholars of
international standing with a research and publication trajectory that
illustrates this ambition. They will contribute to the further
development of the Department's research strengths, provide high-quality
teaching and supervision, and work collaboratively within the Department
and beyond.

Senior Lecturer candidates will be scholars of international standing
with a strong research and publication record and evidence of or
potential for research income generation. The successful applicants will
play a key role in leading work across the Department to enhance our
research strengths, to develop new and emergent research areas, to
innovate in teaching practice and pedagogy, and to contribute to our
underpinning values of co-research and collaboration.


Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan
Senior Lecturer in the History and Theory of Digital Media
Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London
The Strand Building
Room S3.08
Office: +44 (0)20 7848 4750

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