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Humanist Archives: April 16, 2019, 5:57 a.m. Humanist 32.615 - events: history & philosophy of computer programs (Lille)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 615.
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        Date: 2019-04-15 11:25:11+00:00
        From: ldemol 
        Subject: PROGRAMme spring workshop: Machines

Dear all,

it is my pleasure to announce that the next event on the history and
philosophy of computer programs within the framework of the PROGRAMme
project (https://programme.hypotheses.org/) will be held from June 5-7
2019 at the MESHS, 2 Rue des Canonniers, 59000 Lille, espace Baïettoand
Salle 002.

On June 5 we will have the last session of the academic year of the
Lille-Paris séminaire HEPIC (Histoire et Philosophie de l’informatique
et du calcul) around the topic: /Computing – a human activity?/ Speakers

13h-14h15: David Aubin (Université de Paris 6), Astronomical tables as
work, 16th-18th centuries
14h15-14h30: pause
14h30-15h45: Stephen Kell (University of Kent), Software against
humanity? An Illichian perspective on the industrial era of software
15h45-16h15: pause
16h15-17h30: Christiane Floyd (Technical University of Vienna), The move
to activity-centered views of software development

 From June 6-7 the Spring workshop 2019 of the PROGRAMme project is
organized. It is the second in a series of four workshops. Each focuses
on one of the PROGRAMme project’s main clusters in connection to the
other three. The second workshop will focus on the cluster Machines and
so offers reflections on a set of  historical, philosophical and
epistemological question on Computing Machines, broadly interpreted, and
this in relation to the other three clusters (Logic; Programming
languages and notations; Systems).

In order to register, please send a mail with your affiliation to:
liesbeth.demol@univ-lille3.fr *before May 20 2019*. Registration is free
but required in order to attend.

For more details, including the program, see:


Organizer of the workshop: Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS, UMR 8163 STL,
Université de Lille 3)

Organizers of the séminaire are: Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS, UMR 8163 STL,
Université de Lille), Alberto Naibo (IHPST, Université Paris 1
Panthéon-Sorbonne, ENS), Maël Pegny (IHPST, Université Paris 1
Panthéon-Sorbonne, ENS)

The workshop is supported by l’UMR 8163 Savoirs, Textes, Langage
(https://stl.univ-lille.fr/); l’ANR PROGRAMme
(https://programme.hypotheses.org/), le platforme DATA de la MESHS
(projet HEPIC, https://www.meshs.fr/page/hepic).

The séminaire is supported by: l’UMR 8590 IHPST
(http://www.ihpst.cnrs.fr/); l’UMR 8163 Savoirs, Textes, Langage
(https://stl.univ-lille.fr/); l’ANR PROGRAMme
(https://programme.hypotheses.org/), le platforme DATA de la MESHS
(projet HEPIC, https://www.meshs.fr/page/hepic).

with best wishes,
Liesbeth De Mol

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