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Humanist Archives: April 18, 2019, 6:35 a.m. Humanist 32.618 - postdoc (Alberta); librarianship (Rochester)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 618.
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    [1]    From: Geoffrey Rockwell 
           Subject: Postdoc in Meta-analysis of Gambling Research (66)

    [2]    From: Romphf, Joshua 
           Subject: Immersive Technologies Librarian Position at the University of Rochester (120)

        Date: 2019-04-17 19:53:20+00:00
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell 
        Subject: Postdoc in Meta-analysis of Gambling Research

Postdoctoral Position in Political science

/Meta-analysis of Gambling Research in Australia, Canada, the United
States of America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand from 1996-2019./

The Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI) is seeking a postdoctoral
research fellow to work on a project between May 1, 2019 and April 30,
2020. The successful applicant will work in the Department of Political
Science under the supervision of the AGRI Research Chair in Gambling
Policy.  The project requires statistical analysis of meta-data and
visualization of two bodies of bibliometric data from five countries
between 1996 and 2020, together with analysis of key pieces of grey
literature and a description of the project methodology.  The successful
applicant will co-author a book based on the results of this research
with the primary investigators.

The annual stipend is in the range of $52 -54,000.00 CDN, depending on
prior experience, plus

Research travel for two conference presentations (one national and one
international) and software licensing up to $5000 (inclusive).

The successful candidate for the PDF will have:

·PhD in digital humanities or computer science with advanced training in
mathematics, statistical analysis, coding and visualization techniques.

·Experience and interest in working with social science and humanities
research methods and frameworks of understanding (eg. Science and
Technology Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, Digital
Humanities and Humanities Computing);

·Excellent oral and written communication skills;

·Self-motivated and able to meet deadlines;

·Proven skills in organization, project management, and academic writing.

*To Apply:*
Interested candidates should forward a CV, the names and contact
information of three references, and a cover letter outlining
suitability for the position and substantial plans for research during
the tenure of the PDF to:

Dr. Fiona Nicoll fnicoll@ualberta.ca 

For inquiries about the position, contact the Chair at

*Closing date:*

Position open until filled. We will begin reviewing applications on
*April 20, 2019.*

*We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those
individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.*

The University of Alberta is committed to an equitable, diverse, and
inclusive workforce. We welcome applications from all qualified persons.
We encourage women; First Nations, Métis and Inuit; members of visible
minority groups; persons with disabilities; persons of any sexual
orientation or gender identity and expression; and all those who may
contribute to the further diversification of ideas and the University to

        Date: 2019-04-17 05:12:46+00:00
        From: Romphf, Joshua 
        Subject: Immersive Technologies Librarian Position at the University of Rochester

Immersive Technologies Librarian
University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries
Job ID: 214618

Position Summary:

The Immersive Technologies Librarian’s primary focus is the creation of
Studio X, a program and space for students, staff, and faculty to
augmented, extended, mixed, and virtual reality (XR) and related
technologies. The purpose of Studio X is to inspire innovative and
interdisciplinary engagement, and to facilitate the development of a
rich community of practice for XR, an area that is a strategic research
priority at the University of Rochester. With the support of a range of
collaborators within the libraries and beyond, the Immersive
Technologies a Librarian designs and delivers an exploratory program
that introduces students and faculty to tools, approaches, and
technologies that make up XR, with an eye towards transforming
coursework, inspiring new research directions, and providing support to
innovative student and faculty projects. The Immersive Technologies
Librarian will be part of a team designing Studio X, which is set to
open in 2020, and will take on the responsibility of designing and
bringing programming and support services into the space.

The Immersive Technologies Librarian joins the Digital Scholarship Lab,
a team already consulting on XR projects and is deeply engaged in
innovative research and teaching. This role has as peers Outreach
Librarians already providing on-ramp programming on a range of research
and technology skills. These peers will join forces with the Immersive
Technologies Librarian to find key curricular connections, and partner
on creating and delivering XR programming initiatives.


XR Workshops, Events, Training, and other Academic Programming

   * In collaboration with Outreach Librarians, Digital Scholarship Lab
     colleagues, and other collaborators, design and implement a learning
     and exploration program in XR technologies, methodologies, and
     critical theoretical approaches that meets the needs of students and
     faculty across disciplines
   * Explore connections with the curriculum
   * Build relationships with key faculty with research and teaching
     interests in XR to explore potential programs and initiatives
   * Design and implement learning opportunities for library staff in
     order to build XR capacity in current and potential collaborators

XR and Digital Scholarship Consultation

   * Consult with faculty interested in utilizing XR technologies and
     methodologies in their research
   * Participate in interdisciplinary project teams in support of digital
     scholarship projects
   * Explore ways to offer consultation and one-on-one support services
     through Studio X, with support from leadership across the libraries
     as required

XR Student Employee Management

   * Mentor student-employees supporting Studio X programming and projects
   * Design and deliver training for student employees supporting XR
     across the libraries

Studio X Space Management

   * Help consult on the design, development, and maintenance of the
     Studio space
   * Assess programming and activities to meet evolving needs of faculty
     and students engaged in XR

Professional Development

   * Stay current of trends in XR and emerging digital scholarship
     technologies, tools, and methodologies
   * Maintain good knowledge of existing exemplary work, projects, best
     practices, conferences, professional literature, and key players in
     XR and XR support
   * Share key learning as appropriate with DSL and Outreach colleagues

Miscellaneous Duties

   * Participate in and support fundraising and grant writing initiatives
   * Participate in and contributes towards River Campus Libraries and
     University committees, meetings, and events
   * Contribute to the profession through active participation in
     conferences, associations, research, writing, etc.
   * Perform other duties as assigned


   * Post-graduate degree in library and information science from an
     A.L.A.-accredited institution, or equivalent degree and experience
   * Outstanding interpersonal skills and abilities
   * Ability to working both independently and collaboratively in a team
   * Outstanding verbal, written, and presentation skills
   * Experience with XR
   * Instructional skills
   * Willingness to learn and explore new and emerging technologies
   * Self-starter who flexible, creative, and open to new challenges
   * Strong commitment to diversity

Preferred Qualification & Competencies:

   * Experimentation with digital tools and methods in research and/or
   * Project management
   * Grant writing

When applying online please submit cover letter & resume as one PDF

Josh Romphf
Digital Scholarship Lab
River Campus Libraries / University of Rochester

Immersive Technologies Librarian UofR.pdf: https://dhhumanist.org/att/60596/att00/ 

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