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Humanist Archives: April 23, 2019, 5:57 a.m. Humanist 32.624 - Digital Humanities Technology Specialist (NYU)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 32, No. 624.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
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        Date: 2019-04-23 04:51:20+00:00
        From: Zachary Coble 
        Subject: Digital Humanities Technology Specialist, NYU

Digital Humanities Technology Specialist, NYU


The Digital Humanities Technology Specialist is the DevOps engineer and
technical developer within NYU IT Research Technology and NYU Libraries
Specialized Research Services, a group that encompasses Data Services
(DS) and Digital Scholarship Services (DSS). This Specialist will work
alongside IT staff, librarians and researchers to plan and develop
cutting edge research infrastructure that will advance the state of
humanities and social science scholarship. This position builds capacity
for emerging scholarly research environments, supports specialized
repository development and growth, and works in concert with the Digital
Library Technology Services group and NYU Research Technology to
investigate and implement solutions for machine access and delivery of
digital library collections of interest to scholars.

Required Education:
Bachelor's Degree

Preferred Education:
Master's Degree Master's degree in computer science, data science,
engineering or other technical field is strongly preferred. or

Required Experience:
3+ years relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education
and experience. Demonstrated experience in supporting information
technology, development, programming or coding/scripting.

Preferred Experience:
1+ years demonstrated practical and theoretical experience with digital
humanities, data science, statistical analysis, or geospatial methods is
preferred and will be considered in lieu of a Master's degree. or 1+
years Experience in an academic environment, preferably in Libraries
and/or IT. Comfort working with colleagues and end-users to troubleshoot
technical problems. Experience making contributions (code and
governance) to open source projects. Experience or familiarity with
numeric, text, or spatial datasets and/or customization of common
content management systems (Omeka, WordPress) is highly preferred.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
High-level proficiency in at least one scripting language such as
Python; experience with Bash (shell scripting), JavaScript, and/or Ruby;
knowledge of Unix command line utilities, Git, web server
administration, and interaction with APIs and database systems.
Experience cleaning and optimizing data in various forms. Excellent
written and verbal communication skills.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
Familiarity with Data Services, Digital Humanities, or Geospatial
Analysis. Familiarity with digital scholarship tools and methods,
including text analysis (natural language processing), web scraping,
machine learning. Administration of data infrastructure; including web
development (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript) and infrastructure work (shared
hosting environment, AWS, Tomcat, Apache/nginx, SSL certificate
management, Postgres and MySQL databases, DNS), and several web
applications comprising the spatial data infrastructure (geoblacklight,
GeoServer, Apache Solr, Phusion Passenger, PostGIS); interest in working
on digital library systems.

Additional Information
EOE/AA/Minorities/Females/Vet/Disabled/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

Apply at

Zach Coble
Head, Digital Scholarship Services
NYU Libraries

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