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Humanist Archives: July 8, 2019, 6:29 p.m. Humanist 33.125 - events: Wikimedia; archival science

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 125.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
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    [1]    From: Marta Arosio 
           Subject: Wikimedia Summer School (25)

    [2]    From: Mark Hedges 
           Subject: FW: Computational Archival Science Workshop at IEEE Big Data 2019 - call for papers (36)

        Date: 2019-07-08 12:49:15+00:00
        From: Marta Arosio 
        Subject: Wikimedia Summer School

Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you to the first editon of the Summer school
"Wikimedia projects for digital humanities" organized by Wikimedia
Italia, Italian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The course will be kept from 9th to 13th of September in Milan and will
be in Italian. It will be focused on the four main Wikimedia projects
that interest cultural institutions (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia
Commons and Wikisource) and on tools designed to build activities on
them and to monitor impacts on public.
A large part will be given to practical activities and to the
exploration of the more recent ideas about big data handling and
analysis, linked open data sets, archive design and public engagement.

Please contact me for any further equiry.

With thanks and Best wishes

Marta Arosio
GLAM Project Officer
Wikimedia Italia

        Date: 2019-07-08 10:27:54+00:00
        From: Mark Hedges 
        Subject: FW: Computational Archival Science Workshop at IEEE Big Data 2019 - call for papers

Computational Archival Science (CAS) Workshop #4 at IEEE Big Data 2019 (Los
Angeles) - call for papers

The organizers of the Computational Archival Science (CAS) Workshop at IEEE Big
Data 2019 have issued a formal call for papers. This is the 4th workshop at IEEE Big Data addressing Computational Archival Science, following on from workshops in
2016(D.C.), 2017 (Boston), and 2018 (Seattle). All papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the Conference Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press, made available at the conference, which takes place Dec. 9 - 12, 2019 in Los
Angeles, CA, USA.

This day-long workshop will explore the conjunction (and its consequences) of
emerging methods and technologies around big data with archival practice and new
forms of analysis and historical, social, scientific, and cultural research
engagement with archives. We aim to identify and evaluate current trends,
requirements, and potential in these areas, to examine the new questions that
they can provoke, and to help determine possible research agendas for the
evolution of computational archival science in the coming years. At the same
time, we will address the questions and concerns scholarship is raising about
the interpretation of 'big data' and the uses to which it is put, in
particular appraising the challenges of producing quality -- meaning, knowledge
and value -- from quantity, tracing data and analytic provenance across complex
'big data' platforms and knowledge production ecosystems, and addressing
data privacy issues.

Important dates:

  *   Oct 1, 2019: Due date for full workshop papers submission
  *   Oct 22, 2019: Notification of paper acceptance to authors
  *   Nov 10, 2019: Camera-ready version of accepted papers
  *   Dec 9 - 12, 2019: Workshop [exact date TBD]

See the full workshop CFP (https://dcicblog.umd.edu/cas/ieee-big-data-2019-4th-
cas-workshop/) to learn more, including suggested research topics and submission

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