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Humanist Archives: Aug. 13, 2019, 6:42 a.m. Humanist 33.182 - ADHO governance

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 182.
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        Date: 2019-08-12 15:16:41+00:00
        From: Brian Croxall 
        Subject: New ADHO Governance Structure and Leadership

Dear colleagues,

At the close of the DH2019 conference in Utrecht, the Alliance of Digital
Humanities Organizations (ADHO) implemented a number of governance changes. The
organization's governing body had been a Steering Committee, which was
comprised of voting representatives from each of the Constituent Organizations
(COs), as well as ADHO Officers and the chairs of various committees.

The new governance structure is bipartite with a Constituent Organization Board
(COB) and an Executive Board:

  *   The COB is comprised of one representative from each of the COs, and its
role is to establish vision, strategy, and policy for ADHO. The COB is led by a
President and President-Elect, who are selected from the members of the COB.
  *   The Executive Board (EB) is appointed by the COB, and its role is to enact
the decisions made by the COB. The EB consists of a Chair, a Chair-Elect, a
Secretary, and a Treasurer.

These changes come following years of discussion at all levels of ADHO about how
to restructure ADHO to allow it to grow and most effectively serve the needs of
COs around the world. Of particular import was the work of the ad-hoc
Implementation Committee (Geoffrey Rockwell, Melissa Terras, Christian-Emil
Smith Ore, and Jennifer Guiliano), which was shared on change.adho.org for public 
comments during winter and spring 2018.

For 2019-2020, COB members include Paul Millar (aaDH), Matthew Gold (ACH), Susan
Brown (CSDH/SCHN), Laura Mandell (centerNet), Juan Steyn (DHASA), Elisabeth Burr
(EADH), Martin Grandjean (Humanistica), Kiyonori Nagasaki (JADH), Isabel Galina
(RedHD), and Chao-Lin Liu (TADH). Matthew Gold and Elisabeth Burr have been
appointed to one-year terms as President and President-Elect, respectively.

The COB appointed the EB at its first meeting in Utrecht. Leif Isaksen and Glen
Worthey have been appointed to two-year terms as Chair and Chair-Elect,
respectively. Brian Croxall and Sara Sikes have been appointed to one-year terms
as Secretary and Treasurer, continuing their ADHO service of the last two years.

On behalf of the COs of which it is comprised, ADHO expresses appreciation to
all of those who have helped grow and support digital research and teaching
across all arts and humanities disciplines. We especially thank Karina van
Dalen-Oskam and Maciej Eder, who have completed several years of work as Chair
of the Steering Committee and as ADHO Secretary, respectively, and were
instrumental in bringing about the new governance structure.

Brian Croxall, on behalf of the ADHO Secretariat
Brian Croxall | Assistant Research Professor | Office of Digital Humanities |
Brigham Young University

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