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Humanist Archives: Aug. 21, 2019, 6:06 a.m. Humanist 33.205 - tenure-track appointment

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        Date: 2019-08-20 15:37:39+00:00
        From: "Smith, Neel" 
        Subject: Position at Holy Cross


The Department of Classics at the College of the Holy Cross has been
authorized to conduct a search for a tenure-track appointment to begin
in Fall, 2020. Due to the criteria in our job description and the unique
opportunities our future colleague will have to contribute to Classics
at Holy Cross, we particularly wanted to bring this position to the
attention of subscribers to the Digital Classicist List. We encourage
anyone interested to read more about our opening at
track-opening [1].

The College of the Holy Cross uses Interfolio to collect all faculty job
applications electronically.  Applicants should submit all materials to
https://apply.interfolio.com/66764 by September 17, 2019.
Please feel free to share this information with others, and please feel
free to contact either co-chair of the search with questions.

Thank you,
Neel Smith, Chair, Department of Classics; co-chair, Search Committee

Aaron Seider, co-chair, Search Committee (aseider@holycross.edu)
Department of Classics

College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA


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