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Humanist Archives: Sept. 11, 2019, 7:57 a.m. Humanist 33.244 - online course in corpus linguistics

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        Date: 2019-09-10 12:10:01+00:00
        From: Marinella Testori 
        Subject: Fwd: [Corpora-List] free online course on corpus linguistics: starts 16 September

Free online course in corpus linguistics

Would you like to learn how to analyse large amounts of language data using
computer tools? Would you like to learn about the technology which is used
in the production of all major dictionaries and grammar books of English?
Are you interested in discourse analysis? If so, register for free at

The language of the course is English; subtitles and transcripts for main
lectures and practical exercises available in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and

The free online course starts on 16 September 2019 and runs for 8 weeks.
There is no commitment: you can do as much or as little as you like.

The course offers a practical introduction to corpus linguistics, an
extremely versatile methodology of language analysis using computers. Over
eight weeks, course participants will be equipped with skills necessary for
collecting and analysing large digital collections of text (corpora) and
introduced to a number of topics demonstrating the use of corpora in areas
as diverse as discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and language learning
and teaching.

The course covers the following areas and corpus techniques:

Week 1: Introduction to corpus linguistics and basic techniques:
Week 2: Further corpus techniques: collocation and keywords
Week 3: Corpus-based discourse analysis
Week 4: Building a corpus: tagging and processing data
Week 5: Sociolinguistics: analysing BNC1994 and BNC2014
Week 6: Textbook and dictionary construction
Week 7: Language learning and corpus linguistics
Week 8: Swearing extravaganza: looking at language and society

Prof. Tony McEnery
(http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/linguistics/about-us/people/tony-mcenery) and
Dr. Vaclav Brezina
Lancaster University, UK

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