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Humanist Archives: Sept. 18, 2019, 6:27 a.m. Humanist 33.257 - pubs: scholarly editing & book history

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        Date: 2019-09-17 13:36:37+00:00
        From: Wim Van-Mierlo 
        Subject: New Publication - Work and the Reader in Literary Studies: Scholarly Editing and Book History

   A few days ago I posted a message on the ESTS Facebook group about the
   publication of Paul Eggert's new CUP book, Work and the Reader in
   Literary Studies: Scholarly Editing and Book History


   Meanwhile Paul has kindly sent me a discount flyer, which he said I
   could circulate as widely as I wanted.  So here goes.

   Best wishes,

Dr Wim Van Mierlo
Lecturer in Publishing and English
Programme Director for Publishing | Co-Leader DH@Lboro Research Group
School of Social Sciences and Humanities | Loughborough University
President of the European Society for Textual Scholarship

Newest publication: What to do with literary manuscripts? A model for
manuscript studies after 1700
Comma 2017:1 (2018), 75-87,

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