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Humanist Archives: May 21, 2019, 6:06 a.m. Humanist 33.28 - pubs: semantic web for cultural heritage cfp

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 28.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
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        Date: 2019-05-21 04:55:33+00:00
        From: Eero Hyvonen 
        Subject: CFP: Special Issue on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage

Semantic Web journal (impact factor 2,224 in 2018)

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage

Paper submission deadline: September 29, 2019

Cultural Heritage plays a central role to better understand previous generations
and the history of where humankind comes from. The Web allows people to publish,
explain and debate at all scales, local, national, and worldwide. Scientific
researchers, organizations, associations, schools are looking for relevant
technologies for annotating, integrating, sharing, accessing, visualizing, and
analyzing the mine of cultural collections and, more generally, cultural data.
There is also a need for taking into account profiles and preferences of end
users in order to offer them highly personalized digital experiences. Several
national and international research and innovation programmes (EUROPEANA,
DARIAH, PARTHENOS, CrossCult, ARCHES, ARIADNEplus, etc.) have been launched to
these directions. During 2018, which was the European Year of Cultural Heritage,
several events and initiatives across Europe encouraged people to engage,
explore and debate our rich and diverse cultural heritage.

A fundamental challenge that many of these aforementioned projects are dealing
with is how to make Cultural Heritage data, which is made available by different
actors in a multitude of different languages and formats, mutually
interoperable, so that it can be searched, linked, and presented in a harmonized
way across the boundaries of the datasets and data silos. Early solutions were
based on the syntactic or structural level of data, without leveraging the rich
semantic structures underlying the content. During the two last decades,
solutions based on the principles and technologies of the Semantic Web have been
proposed to explicitly represent the semantics of data sources and make both
their content and their semantics machine operable and interoperable. In
parallel, knowledge representation models have matured, such as the CIDOC-CRM's
ecosystem, which is dedicated to the cultural heritage field including
documentation, archaeology, history, architecture, etc. As more and more
institutions bring their data to the Semantic Web level, the tasks of data
integration, sharing, analysis, visualization, etc. are now to be conceived in
this very rich framework.

This special issue is to offer to Computer Scientists, Data Scientists and
Digital Humanities researchers who are involved in the development or deployment
of Semantic Web solutions for Cultural Heritage the opportunity to present their
realizations, the outcomes of their projects, being either some publicly
reusable Semantic Web tools, some datasets or ontologies published in the Linked
Open Data Cloud, or Semantic Web techniques, services and architectures for
Cultural Heritage. Submissions can be of any of the types described in
For more details, see:


Best regards - terveisin

Eero Hyvönen
Director, Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (HELDIG), University of
Helsinki http://heldig.fi/
Professor, Aalto University, Department of Computer Science http://cs.aalto.fi/
Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo)  http://seco.cs.aalto.fi/
phone:  +358 50 384 1618
HELDIG: Room A131, Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki
Aalto: Room B128, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo
Homepage: http://seco.cs.aalto.fi/u/eahyvone/

New book: E. Hyvönen: Semantic Web. Handbook of Linked Open Data (in Finnish).
Gaudeamus, 2018.

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