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Humanist Archives: Oct. 4, 2019, 5:56 a.m. Humanist 33.295 - in need of digitising: Indie Rock collection

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        Date: 2019-10-03 22:45:40+00:00
        From: Sean Yeager 
        Subject: "Chicago's Hidden Indie Rock Archive"

Hello everyone,

I recently read this article about Aadam Jacobs, who documented Chicago's
indie rock scene for three decades. Link:

It's a fascinating read, but Jacobs's analogue collection is at risk of
disappearing. Posting the story here in the hope of catching a digital
archivist's interest. From the article:

"At this point, Jacobs says he's had trouble finding the right institution
that can digitize, catalog and preserve the recordings, some of which are
on old, disintegrating cassette tapes... He wants it to be the right
place... He has something that nobody else has, Miller Tweedy says. I
think about it and wonder what's going to happen to it. And, yeah, it 
could be disintegrating, so I hope he finds a way to get it all further
archived so that it stays forever. It's really priceless."


Sean A. Yeager, M.Sc., M.A.
Ph.D. Candidate in English
The Ohio State University

Former Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Pacific Northwest College of Art

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