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Humanist Archives: Nov. 5, 2019, 6:33 a.m. Humanist 33.375 - events: growing Byzantine corpora; book studies

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 375.
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    [1]    From: Ilse De Vos 
           Subject: Reminder: CfP Growing Corpora. Byzantine Book Epigrams and Online Text Collections (deadline 15 November) (83)

    [2]    From: Chris Young 
           Subject: CfP: Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada | Études du livre et bibliographie au Canada (48)

        Date: 2019-11-04 19:57:49+00:00
        From: Ilse De Vos 
        Subject: Reminder: CfP Growing Corpora. Byzantine Book Epigrams and Online Text Collections (deadline 15 November)

Dear colleagues,

A friendly reminder that the deadline for submitting an abstract to
partake in the 'Growing Corpora' (https://www.dbbe2020.ugent.be/)
conference (Ghent, 24-25 June 2020) is approaching.
We encourage interested participants to send us their proposals by
Friday 15 November.

Please do not hesitate to specify whether you want to be considered
for financial support:

Best wishes,

Ilse De Vos
on behalf of the DBBE team (https://www.dbbe.ugent.be/pages/team)


   Call for papers


     Byzantine Book Epigrams and Online Text Collections


Ghent, 24-25 June 2020

Since 2010, the Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams team (that is: we)
have been growing an online corpus of metrical paratexts, several of
which were previously unpublished or unknown altogether, and made them
freely available to the scholarly community (that is: you).

A new version of our database (https://www.dbbe.ugent.be
was launched in June 2019. Exactly one year later, we are organising 
a two-day conference. Together with anyone interested in this particular 
genre of Byzantine poetry, we want to celebrate and reflect on what we 
have achieved so far and look ahead at what is -- hopefully! -- yet to 
come. Moreover, we want to stimulate communication and collaboration 
with other projects that are growing online corpora of texts.

You can partake in two different types of sessions.

In our demo sessions you can present your project and discuss your
experiences in growing your online corpus (10-15 minutes). We are
confident this will lead to a lively discussion on challenges we all
face, such as data presentation, interoperability, and sustainability.

In our thematic sessions you can present your research on Byzantine
book epigrams (20 minutes). Possible topics include:

    editing book epigrams;
    theoretical reflections on the concept of book epigrams and other
     metrical paratexts;
    book epigrams as a way to study the history of manuscripts;
    visual aspects of book epigrams;
    literary texts that function (or may have functioned) as book epigrams;
    metre and language of book epigrams;
    book epigrams in languages other than Greek.

We especially welcome contributions inspired by the /Database of
Byzantine Book Epigrams./

Confirmed speakers (https://www.dbbe2020.ugent.be/programme/) include
Georgi Parpulov (University of Birmingham) and Andreas Rhoby (Austrian
Academy of Sciences).

Interested? Send us an abstract (up to 300 words, PDF) by 15 November
2019 (dbbe@ugent.be, subject "Growing Corpora --
abstract") and we will get back to you early December.

Note that we want our conference to reflect who we are as a team
(https://www.dbbe.ugent.be/pages/team): welcoming and inclusive. Costs
will be kept to a minimum and we are working hard to secure funding to
support anyone for whom traveling might not be evident, including early
career or independent scholars and carers of young children.

For any further information, please visit our conference
website https://www.dbbe2020.ugent.be.

DBBE_conference_2020_CFP.pdf: https://dhhumanist.org/att/78851/att00/ 

        Date: 2019-11-04 15:20:08+00:00
        From: Chris Young 
        Subject: CfP: Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada | Études du livre et bibliographie au Canada

Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada

Call for Papers: The Power of Books in Bridging Divides

On June 1st and 2nd, 2020 bibliographical and book studies researchers will
gather for the Annual Conference of the Bibliographical Society of Canada at
Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Western University in London,
Ontario. We encourage multidisciplinary engagement on the power of books in
bridging social, ethnic, political, economic, and epistemological divides more
broadly, while forming fresh visions for bibliographical and book studies.

To explore the conference theme, proposals for papers and panels are invited in
the following subject areas:

1. the decolonization and anti-racism of bibliographical and book studies to
redress gaps in representation, approach and/or genre;
2. the evolution of publishing within the diverse minority linguistic, ethnic,
and cultural groups in Canada and the challenges faced by researchers who seek
to document this output;
3. explorations of the many diverse approaches to book culture through
historical, literary, cultural, sociological, technological, and bibliographical
4. confronting the histories of diverse communities of readers, writers,
printers, and publishers;
5. the responsibility of libraries, archives, and museums to diverse communities
in the preservation and access of texts beyond the book and traditional
knowledge formats;
6. the role played by Canadian small presses and campus literary journals in
giving voice to previously unheard voices and as a learning venue for future
writers and publishers; and
7. investigations of social media and digital texts to bridge studies of
publishing, readerships, and authorship across bibliographical and book studies.

In recognition of our gathering in London, proposals that address aspects of 
the history, literature and book culture of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, 
Lūnaapéewak, Attawandaron (Neutral) peoples, and African Canadians, or consider 
the wider Congress theme of colonialism and anti-black racism, are particularly 

Please submit a 250-word abstract proposal and brief biography in English or in
French (including your full name, professional designation, institutional
affiliation or place) no later than 10 January 2020 to proposals@bsc-

[For the version in French, see the attached. Unfortunately it came through 
sufficiently unreadable that editing it into shape would have exhausted too much 
of my morning. Apologies on behalf of primitive software. --WM]

BSC-SBC_CFP_2020_final.pdf: https://dhhumanist.org/att/78848/att00/ 

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