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Humanist Archives: Nov. 9, 2019, 6:47 a.m. Humanist 33.384 - events: project management

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 384.
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        Date: 2019-11-08 20:55:53+00:00
        From: Lynne Siemens 
        Subject: Call for Papers for Project Management Conference at DHSI, June 6, 2020

In cooperation with the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, a conference on
Project Management will be held on June 6, 2020.

Project management is a tool that has long been associated with business.  Its
use in the academy is increasing as projects grow beyond the scope of a single
researcher.  Funding agencies are encouraging this trend by requesting detailed
and realistic work plans as part of grant applications.  However, challenges
exist for the application of project management to research projects.  For
example, research goals may be articulated but the methodology to accomplish
them is not well understood.  This is further complicated by the fact that
researchers see the application of these tools as rigid management approaches,
perhaps not suited for the academy.

Having said this, due to increasingly collaborative interdisciplinary projects,
many humanities scholars find themselves as "instant" or "accidental" managers.
They are leading teams of researchers from a variety of disciplines, research
assistants, librarians and others as well as managing financial and other
resources.  This is something for which they are often not prepared due to a
lack of training in this area.

This raises questions for exploration with regard to the application of project
management in the humanities generally and digital humanities more specifically.
These include

·      What does project management look like in the humanities and digital

·      What skills and knowledge are needed?

·      What is the best way to engage and train researchers in the use of these
tools and skills?

·      What tools are the most effective for managing projects within the
humanities and digital humanities?

·      What particular challenges do academics face using the project

·      What can be learned from the review of the use of project management in
other contexts, such as libraries?

·      How can students be managed within a project management framework?

We invite proposals for lightning papers that address these and other issues
pertinent to research in the area.  Proposals should contain a title, an
abstract (of approximately 250 words, plus list of works cited), and names and
affiliations.  Longer papers for lightning talks will be solicited after
proposal acceptance for circulation in advance of the gathering. Please send
proposals on or before January 1, 2020 to

Dr. Lynne Siemens
Associate Professor
Graduate Advisor
School of Public Administration
(250) 721-8069
@lynnelynne53, @uvicmacd, @uvicSPA 

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