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Humanist Archives: Nov. 22, 2019, 8:56 a.m. Humanist 33.429 - events: Linked Pasts 5

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 429.
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        Date: 2019-11-21 13:03:38+00:00
        From: Vincent Razanajao 
        Subject: Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources. Conference in Bordeaux Montaigne, 11-13 December 2019

Dear All,

Some updates on the Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources that will
soon take place at the University Bordeaux Montaigne, from 11th to 13th
of December.

This event is FREE but registration is required
(--) https://linkedpasts5.sciencesconf.org/registration).

If you missed the call and/or the deadline for posters, please note that
they are still accepted.

As for the workshops and tutorials that will take place on the first
day, we are pleased to announce that there are two: one by VincentÂ
Alamercery on OntoMe (dataforhistory.org (http://dataforhistory.org)
consortium), and one by Karl Grossner on the World-Historical
Gazetteer (University of Pittsburgh World History Center). Places are
limited and on first come first served basis : email
linkedpasts5@sciencesconf.org if you'd like to register.

Hackathons will also be part of the programme, including the 'rolling'
LinkedPipes run by Florian Thiery (RGZM, Mainz) during the whole
course of the conference. As set up at the previous Linked Pasts in
Mainz, LinkedPipes is a Working Group that wants to model our/the/new
tools and workflow in a small generic general data model and wants to
publish them to the community. More details here:
As for the other hackathon that takes place on 1st day, please feel free
to add your suggestions to the pad here:

Updated programme to be found here:

    This year's symposium aims to centre on the questions of
    sources, understood here both in terms of ancient historical
    sources, and in terms of data (re)source used in digital,
    LOD-related projects. We would like to focus on how, and why it is
    important to link back to the sources, as those are where the
    historical objects we are dealing with originate from. This will be
    addressed through one panel on Places (keynote: Carmen Brando Lebas)
    and another on People (keynote: Charlotte Roueché), each followed by
    a breakout session.
    The second aim of Linked Pasts 5 is to debate on infrastructures
    and LOD implementation. This key question will be addressed through
    a keynote by Gautier Poupeau (Institut national de l'Audiovisuel
    [INA], France; @lespetitescases), and a round-table gathering actors
    from national and supra-national infrastructures (Holly Wright from
    Archaeology Data Service
    (https://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/), Francesco Beretta from
    dataforhistory.org (http://dataforhistory.org/), Stéphane
    Pouyllau for Huma-Num (https://www.huma-num.fr/)and DARIAH
    (https://www.dariah.eu/), and one representative from Pelagios
    (https://pelagios.org/)). We hope this will be the opportunity to
    share the best practices and present to the conference attendees
    potential solutions for data storing and publication.

Looking forward at seeing you here in Bordeaux,

All the best,

Alberto Dalla Rosa & Vincent Razanajao

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