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Humanist Archives: May 28, 2019, 6:04 a.m. Humanist 33.49 - pubs: Umanistica Digitale 5

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 49.
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        Date: 2019-05-27 19:35:31+00:00
        From: Fabio Ciotti 
        Subject: Umanistica Digitale issue 5 published

Dear Colleagues,

Umanistica Digitale (ISSN 2532-8816), the journal of the AIUCD (Italian
Association of Digital Humanities and Cultures), is pleased to
announce the publication of the 5th issue, available at

This issue of the journal presents a selection of the papers given at the
AIUCD2017 Conference (12-18 January 2017, Sapienza University of Roma),
whose theme was "The Reverse Telescope: Big Data and Distant Reading in the
Humanities" and an article by Mike Kestemont and Luc Herman.


Introduzione - Fabio Ciotti


Can Machines Read (Literature)? - Mike Kestemont, Luc Herman
The Index Thomisticus as a Big Data Project - Geoffrey Rockwell, Marco

An open problem in computational stemmatology - a model for contamination -
Armin Hoenen

Un'Analisi Multidimensionale della Ricerca Italiana nel Campo delle Digital
Humanities e della Linguistica Computazionale - Rachele Sprugnoli,
Gabriella Pardelli, Federico Boschetti, Riccardo Del Gratta

Visualizing Gender Balance in Conferences - Sytze Van Herck
L'impatto culturale e sociale dei dati archeologici nella tutela e
valorizzazione del paesaggio storico. Un case study: il XV Municipio di
Roma - Margherita Bartoli

Ripensare i formati, ripensare i metadati: prove 'tecniche' di
conservazione digitale - Nicola Barbuti


H. W. Gabler, Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays,
OpenBook Publishers (2018) - Carolina Rossi

We invite you to visit our web site and to review articles and items of

Fabio Ciotti

Fabio Ciotti
Department of "Studi letterari, Filosofici e di Storia dell’arte" -
University of Roma "Tor Vergata"
DH2019 PC Co-Chair
Chief Editor "Umanistica Digitale" https://umanisticadigitale.unibo.it/

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