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Humanist Archives: Jan. 2, 2020, 1:07 p.m. Humanist 33.525 - colexification

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        Date: 2020-01-02 00:53:59+00:00
        From: Henry Schaffer 
        Subject: "colexification", linguistics and computation

I came across "Emotion semantics show both cultural variation and universal
structure" by Joshua Conrad Jackson, et al, in Science 2019 Vol 377, Issue
6472 pp 1517-1522.

While the publication is about linguistics, I found the computer/math/stat
very interesting since it was used at a very large scale in this study. The
database was assembled from 2,474 languages and was labelled with 2,909
with 66,140 "individual cases of colexification". This couldn't have been
studied and analyzed manually.

A set of Supplementary Materials is available on the web (at the sciencemag
site) which amount to another 60 pages or so.

Oh, to quote from the paper, colexification refers to "instances in which
multiple concepts are coexpressed by the same word form within a language."

--henry schaffer

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