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Humanist Archives: Jan. 12, 2020, 6:49 a.m. Humanist 33.541 - pubs: Vestiges & Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review digitised

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        Date: 2020-01-11 18:57:38+00:00
        From: David Zeitlyn 
        Subject: Vestiges new issue announcement (2019) including Abbia Cameroon Cultural Review

Dear all

only a few days late we are happy to announce the publication of Vestiges vol 5
for 2019.

This issue is significant for introducing a digital version of the Journal
Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review  which has long been inaccessible. This has been
done with the approval of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Cameroon. Loretto
Todd has kindly written an introduction to this.

The significance of Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review has been discussed by Milton
Kreiger  in an article published in 1996. We are very sorry to report that we
asked the publisher (Indiana University Press) for permission to reprint his
article in Vestiges but they refused copyright permission not only for the
original English version but also for a new French translation which we had
considered making.

Reference: Krieger, Milton. 1996. "Building the Republic through Letters:
'Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review,' 1963-82, and Its Legacy." Research in
African Literatures 27 (2): 155-177.

A note on the digitization

We have made a low quality, easy access version of the entire run of Abbia
available in late 2019. We note that this means that the underlying searchable
text generated by OCR is far from perfect. We plan to slowly add higher quality
versions over time which will resolve many of the current problems. For
reference, higher quality versions of Volumes One, Two, Four and Five have
already been added and more will be added over the coming months.


  *   A Digitized edition of Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review. Vestige Editors"
introduction http://www.vestiges-journal.info/2019/abbia_editors.html

  *   Bernard Fonlon and Abbia: an Introduction by Loreto
Todd, pp. 1-4

Link to the online edition of Abbia http://www.vestiges-journal.info/Abbia/

  *   La Formation dans les métiers de l"information documentaire en Afrique:
état des lieux par Narcisse EKONGOLO MAKAKE pp. 5-26 
  *   Probing inter-ethnic relations between Cameroon-Nigeria: the case of
Menchum Division, 1922 to 1961 by Eric Kangha CHU pp. 27-41
  *   Patrimoine Militaire et Archives d'un Ancien Combattant Camerounais de
la Seconde Guerre Mondiale (1939-1945) Par Guider KARI
MOUSSA pp. 42-56

Vestiges Biographical Sketch Series

  *   Eldridge Mohammadou. Vestiges Biographical Sketch Series 2 (Version
Francais) par Hamadou Adama with Thierno Mouctar Bah and Christian
Seignobos pp. 57-62 
  *   Eldridge Mohammadou. Vestiges Biographical Sketch Series 2 (English
version) by Hamadou Adama with Thierno Mouctar Bah and Christian
Seignobos pp. 63-68 

David Z for the editors

David Zeitlyn,
Professor of Social Anthropology (research). ORCID: 0000-0001-5853-7351
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, School of Anthropology and Museum
University of Oxford, 51 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PF, UK.
http://www.mambila.info/ The Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies

A paper on the intellectual genealogy of primatologists: "Perception, prestige
and PageRank"
    David Zeitlyn, Daniel W. Hook | published 28 May 2019 PLOS ONE
   Online vizualisation https://livedataoxford.shinyapps.io/DavidZeitlyn/

Oct 2015 open access paper 'Looking Forward, Looking Back'

Vestiges: Traces of Record http://www.vestiges-journal.info/ Open Access Journal

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