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Humanist Archives: Feb. 4, 2020, 6:40 a.m. Humanist 33.591 - pubs: Chaucer's General Prologue in an app

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 591.
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        Date: 2020-02-03 11:32:23+00:00
        From: Peter Robinson 
        Subject: An edition in an app: the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales

The General Prologue in an app: with a full performance, manuscript images,
translation, new text, commentary and notes, and new scholarship.

3rd February marks the release of the first ever app, specifically designed for
mobile phone and tablet, to present significant new scholarly work in an edition
of a major literary work: the General Prologue of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury
Tales. Go to PlayStore (Android) or the App Store (Apple/IoS) and look for
"Chaucer General Prologue" (Scholarly Digital Editions). Or, go to
http://www.sd-editions.com/CantApp/GP/. Press the play icon.

This app includes a new biography of Chaucer by Richard North (UCL), a new text
edited by Barbara Bordalejo (USask), Terry Jones’s translation of the General
Prologue, additional materials about the Tales by Peter Robinson (who created
the app), images of the Hengwrt manuscript form the National Library of Wales,
and a full performance of the text by University of Saskatchewan and University
of Calgary student Colin Gibbings. Among much else: the full commentary and
notes by Richard North suggest a new dating for the reference to the seige of
Algezir, which makes the Knight significantly younger at the time of the
composition of the General Prologue.

The app is designed to appeal to people interested in Chaucer at every level,
from beginning students to advanced scholars. We plan future apps in this

The app also celebrates Terry Jones, who was both a distinguished medieval
scholar and a Python. As well as contribute his translation of the General
Prologue, he was much involved in the early planning of the app, hosting the
team to a memorable lunch at a pub in North London. We are happy that we were
able to show him the full app in the last weeks of his life.

Readers might also be interested in the Canterbury Tales project,
at www.textualcommunities.org (click on the link to the Canterbury Tales project). 
This offers images of all 30,000 manuscript pages of the Tales, with transcripts 
of some 24,000 pages. The work of this project underlies the app.

Peter Robinson and Barbara Bordalejo (University of Saskatchewan), Richard North
(University College London). With Terry Jones (Python)

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