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Humanist Archives: Feb. 12, 2020, 3:13 p.m. Humanist 33.600 - positions in the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations; ADHO fellowships

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 600.
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    [1]    From: Brian Croxall 
           Subject: Join the ADHO Executive Board and Committees (124)

    [2]    From: Brian Croxall 
           Subject: 2020 ADHO Communications Fellowships, apply by 1 March 2020 (51)

        Date: 2020-02-11 20:13:22+00:00
        From: Brian Croxall 
        Subject: Join the ADHO Executive Board and Committees

As part of the restructuring of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
(ADHO), we seek nominations for committed individuals who would like to actively
help further DH in all its breadth and diversity on a global scale for the
following positions:

  1.  ADHO Deputy Treasurer
  2.  ADHO Communications Officer
  3.  ADHO Infrastructure Committee Chair

Officer terms will commence immediately and end after the 2021 Digital
Humanities Conference in Tokyo. A description of the roles is below. All members
of ADHO Constituent Organizations (COs) and Associate Organizations (AOs),
listed below, are eligible.

  *   aaDH - Australasian Association for Digital Humanities
  *   ACH - Association for Computers and the Humanities
  *   AIUCD- Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digital
  *   centerNet
  *   CSDH/SCHN - Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne
des humanités numériques
  *   CzADH - Czech Association for Digital Humanities
  *   DHASA - Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa
  *   DHd - Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum
  *   DHN - Digital humaniora i Norden
  *   DH Russia - Russian Association for Digital Humanities
  *   EADH - European Association for Digital Humanities
  *   Humanistica, L'association francophone des humanités
  *   JADH - Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
  *   RedHD - Red de Humanidades Digitales
  *   TADH - Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanities

Please nominate yourself or someone else for these roles by 1 March 2020 by
sending an email to secretary@adho.org. If self-
nominating, please send a brief statement of your expertise and motivation as
well as a brief CV (2 pages). If you are nominating someone else, the ADHO
Executive Board will contact them for the relevant materials.

ADHO Deputy Treasurer

The Treasurer is the financial manager for both ADHO and the ADHO Foundation
(ADHO's legal entity, based in the Netherlands). The Treasurer keeps track of
and reports on the budget and advises the Executive and Constituent Organization
Board about financial decisions. The Deputy Treasurer advises and assists the
Treasurer as needed and may act on behalf of the Treasurer when they are
unavailable. The Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer manage the financial assets of
ADHO. The Deputy Treasurer is a member of the ADHO Executive Board (EB) and
advises them on any financial implications of their decisions.
Responsibilities (in collaboration with the ADHO Treasurer):

  *   Reporting regularly on the ADHO budget to the EB, the COB, and
governmental institutions as required
  *   Financial management (monitoring ADHO accounts and transactions)
  *   Analysis and research (comparing planned and actual budget figures;
preparing annual budgets in consultation with the EB; etc.)
  *   Meetings and communication (presence at regular EB meetings via telecon
and email. Presence at the annual meeting is desirable but not essential)

ADHO Communications Officer

The Communications Officer manages ADHO's various public communication
platforms and initiatives and is responsible for overseeing the development and
effectiveness of ADHO's public presence. They coordinate ADHO's
Communications Fellowship program and collaborate with the Communications
Fellows to create and deliver content regarding ADHO business and the annual
Digital Humanities conference. They also facilitate ADHO's participation in
public communications via social media and the ADHO website.

  *   Ensuring that information about ADHO news and publicity are made visible
on the ADHO website in a timely way
  *   Overseeing ADHO's visibility on social media, e.g. via Twitter and
  *   Boosting the work of ADHO's Constituent Organizations as shared on
social media
  *   Coordinating the development of ADHO's public image
  *   Developing active strategies for strong communication between ADHO and the
larger DH world, and for increasing the visibility of publications supported by
  *   Working closely and actively with the various committee chairs to ensure
coordinated communication about ADHO activities taking place within their
  *   Taking initiative in developing opportunities for public statements (e.g.
press releases, etc.) about ADHO activities
  *   Coordinating with ADHO Publications Committee, to deputize individuals as
appropriate to undertake specific communications projects
  *   Reporting regularly on communications matters to the EB, and to the COB
and governmental institutions annually and as required

ADHO Infrastructure Committee Chair

The overall brief of the Infrastructure Committee is the continued development
and maintenance of a web infrastructure that can be shared by all ADHO COs and
AOs, with a particular focus on stability, affordability, and sustainability
across shared and distributed services.

The Infrastructure Committee Chair leads a small team of volunteers (members of
the Committee) and collaborates with the Systems Administrator, who is
responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the ADHO Server. The Chair reports
regularly on the work of the Committee and Systems Administrator to the ADHO
Executive Board and annually to the ADHO Constituent Organization Board (or at
its request).

The ADHO Infrastructure Committee has responsibility for a range of services,

  *   maintaining the ADHO Server, including both physical and virtual
components, as well as backups
  *   maintaining several Content Management Systems for websites (currently:
WordPress and Drupal)
  *   running a Mailman mailing list installation
  *   providing a MediaWiki installation
  *   running several web services (e.g. using Tomcat and Docker) for ADHO, ADHO
COs, and other digital humanities organizations and initiatives (e.g., the TEI).

Brian, on behalf of the ADHO Secretariat
Brian Croxall | Assistant Research Professor | Office of Digital Humanities |
Brigham Young University

        Date: 2020-02-11 21:45:16+00:00
        From: Brian Croxall 
        Subject: 2020 ADHO Communications Fellowships, apply by 1 March 2020

Dear colleagues,

Along with the previous announcement about ADHO service positions, we want to
share the following announcement about the 2020 ADHO Communication Fellowships.

Brian, on behalf of the ADHO Secretariat


Join our team! The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) seeks
applicants for its two 2020 Communications Fellowships, each of which comes with
a stipend of €500 (Euros).

Working on a small team directed by the ADHO Communications Officer, the two
fellows will
--         write news releases, blog posts, and announcements about ADHO, its
constituent organizations, and the broader digital humanities community
--         monitor and update ADHO’s social media presence
--         maintain its website
--         help to develop and implement ADHO’s outreach strategy
--         perform other communications-related responsibilities

The fellows should anticipate spending approximately 3-4 hours per week on the
position. The fellowship is well suited for graduate students, young scholars,
and academic professionals who wish to develop deeper knowledge of digital
humanities and its global communities, contribute to an important digital
humanities scholarly and professional organization, and gain professional
experience in social media and communications. The communications team works
remotely from their respective locations, communicating via email, video calls,
and other effective means.

Essential skills and qualifications include:
--         excellent written communication skills
--         ability to work with minimal supervision
--         attention to detail
--         some knowledge of digital humanities communities and current
--         some knowledge of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook

Desirable skills and qualifications include:
--         experience creating and publishing content using Drupal, WordPress,
or another web content management system
--         skills in graphic design and multimedia editing
--         working knowledge of more than one language

To apply, submit a CV or résumé, a brief writing sample, the names of two
references, and a cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications
for the position to the ADHO Executive Board at secretary@adho.org. The
application deadline is 1 March 2020. The fellowships will begin as soon as
possible and will run until 31 December 2020.

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