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Humanist Archives: March 10, 2020, 8:19 a.m. Humanist 33.664 - academic librarianship (Kentucky)

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        Date: 2020-03-09 19:32:41+00:00
        From: Adrian Ho 
        Subject: Research Data Services Librarian, University of Kentucky

Apologies for cross-posting


The University of Kentucky Libraries is hiring a Research Data Services
Librarian.  In this newly created position, the Librarian will facilitate
collaboration across UK Libraries to propose, plan, implement, and assess
services for the management and utilization of research data. The Librarian
will engage campus constituents involved in research, teaching, and
learning by offering consultations for acquiring, locating, and using
research data; by educating the university community about research data
stewardship; and by providing expertise in managing and sharing research
data. Reporting to the Director of Digital Scholarship, the Librarian will
be an active relationship builder and excellent communicator with the
ability to work campus-wide to develop and promote research data services.
Early career professionals and recent graduates are encouraged to apply.

This is a full-time tenure-track faculty position. The full position
description is attached and is also available at
https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/271439.  Application deadline is April 9,

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, the University of Kentucky strongly
encourages veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and all
minorities to consider our employment opportunities.

Please feel free to share this job posting with others.  Have a great day!

Adrian Ho
University of Kentucky Libraries

Research-Data-Services-Librarian-position-description-2020.pdf: https://dhhumanist.org/att/90504/att00/ 

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