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Humanist Archives: March 28, 2020, 9:29 a.m. Humanist 33.706 - pubs: role & meaning of computers in society

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 706.
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        Date: 2020-03-27 14:21:13+00:00
        From: James Cortada 
        Subject: Publication Announcement

Dear Colleagues, I just published a short book--really an extended
essay-- Living with Computers: The Digital World of Today and
Tomorrow, with Springer-Verlag. It speculates on the role and meaning
of computers in society, combining things we historians have learned
with what other disciplines are doing now (e.g., in AI) and potential
effects on humans going forward.  I raise questions and discuss
implications. The book is aimed at a broad audience, discussing issues
from the perspective of an historian. This book should not be confused
with the 2 that Bill Aspray and I published last fall, Fake News
Nation//and From Urban Legends to Political Fact-Checking.

James W. Cortada
Senior Research Fellow
Charles Babbage Institute
University of Minnesota

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