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Humanist Archives: April 1, 2020, 9:03 a.m. Humanist 33.716 - pubs: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 35.1

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 33, No. 716.
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        Date: 2020-03-31 20:04:46+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Table of Contents for April 2020

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities           
European Association for Digital Humanities                      
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

New issue alert

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities
Volume 35 Issue 1
April 2020

Original Articles

Sensorial discourse and corpus in the digital humanities era: The
example of the wine language
Matthieu Bach

Understanding memories of the Holocaust: A new approach to neural
networks in the digital humanities
Tobias Blanke
Michael Bryant
Mark Hedges

The Michael Jordan of greatness? Extracting Vossian antonomasia from
two decades of /The New York Times/, 1987–2007
Frank Fischer
Robert Jäschke

Towards an ontology-based iconography
Richard Gartner

Linguistic characteristics of Chinese register based on the
Menzerath-Altmann law and text clustering
Renkui Hou
Chu-Ren Huang
Kathleen Ahrens
Yat-Mei Sophia Lee

Creating a richly annotated corpus of papyrological Greek: The
possibilities of natural language processing approaches to a highly
inflected historical language
Alek Keersmaekers

PaperMiner: a real-time spatiotemporal visualization for newspaper
Sangeetha Kutty
Richi Nayak
Paul Turnbull
Ron Chernich
Gavin Kennedy

A case study in text mining: Textual analysis of the /Territorial
Johannes Ledolter
Lea VanderVelde

The digital humanist: Contested status within contesting futures
Costas Papadopoulos
Paul Reilly

Epic social networks and Eve's centrality in Milton's /Paradise Lost/
James Jaehoon Lee

Digital dance scholarship: Biomechanics and culturally situated dance
Miguel Escobar Varela
Luis Hernández-Barraza

Toward Kurdish language processing: Experiments in collecting and
processing the AsoSoft text corpus
Hadi Veisi
Mohammad MohammadAmini
Hawre Hosseini

The visual digital turn: Using neural networks to study historical
images border
Melvin Wevers
Thomas Smits

Comparing multiple categories of feature selection methods for text
Wanwan Zheng
Mingzhe Jin

Book Reviews

Representations of Poverty and Place: Using Geographical Text Analysis
to Understand Discourse. Laura L. Paterson and Ian N. Gregory
Jialei Li

The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Translation. Chris Shei and Zhao-Ming
Gao (eds.)
Xiaodong Liu
Defeng Li

Lexical Facility: Size, Recognition Speed and Consistency as Dimensions
of Second Language Vocabulary Knowledge. Michael Harrington
Liang Zhao

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