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Humanist Archives: April 13, 2020, 8:04 a.m. Humanist 33.754 - events: DH2020 cancelled

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        Date: 2020-04-10 18:15:38+00:00
        From: Brian Croxall 
        Subject: ADHO regretfully announces cancellation of DH2020 conference in Ottawa

Dear colleagues,

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance of Digital Humanities
Organizations, in consultation with the DH2020 (https://dh2020.adho.org/) Local
Organizers and Program Committee, has decided to cancel this year's in-person
conference in Ottawa, which was scheduled for 19-25 July 2020. This has been an
exceptionally difficult decision, but individual and communal health is our
priority. An in-person conference would endanger attendees and members of the
general public. We recognize this is a loss for colleagues who look to the
annual conference to share their work and to enjoy the networking and community
that the conference entails. We share in the sadness for this lost opportunity.

Given the deep personal investment made by the organizers and the DH community
in the 2020 academic program, ADHO is presently evaluating the feasibility of
holding a virtual conference in its place. We hope to communicate further
information about this in early May.

It is as complicated to take a conference apart as it is to organize one, and
without the reward of seeing it come to fruition. The ADHO Constituent
Organisation Board, Executive Board, and Conference Coordination Committee wish
to note their deep gratitude to the local organizers at the University of Ottawa
(especially Constance Crompton, Kevin Kee, and Sarah Simpkin) and Carleton
University (especially Brian Greenspan and Shawn Graham) for the labor that they
have graciously contributed toward these efforts over the last two years. They
are also deeply grateful to the Program Committee and, in particular, its
Chairs, Laura Estill and Jennifer Guiliano, who put together an exciting DH
conference program that promised to extend our signal DH event in new directions
by foregrounding voices from indigenous communities. We are determined to find a
way of celebrating their effort and that of all who contributed to the
conference professionally and academically in the future.

A number of awards were also intended to be presented in connection with DH2020,
including the Paul Fortier Prize (http://adho.org/awards/paul-fortier-prize) and
several Conference Bursaries (http://adho.org/awards/conference-bursary-awards).
Once the feasibility of a virtual conference has been assessed, the ADHO Awards
Committee will make a further announcement about these awards.

Details regarding refund processing will be posted to
dh2020.adho.org by May 1. Those who completed their registration will receive 
an email in the coming weeks regarding refunds of fees paid. We hope to have all 
refunds issued in the next six weeks. We politely request that delegates refrain 
from making email or social media inquiries on these or other topics as we are 
unable to provide individual responses in the interim. Until then, please see the 
FAQ (https://bit.ly/dh2020faq) for answers to some common queries as we establish

We believe strongly that despite the regrettable consequence of this pandemic,
our community will also have an opportunity to gain as we learn from and share
with one another. ADHO, and all of its COs, takes continued inspiration from
DH2020's planned theme of 'carrefours/intersections', a place where paths
cross, and we look forward to gathering with you again when it is safe and
responsible to do so. Until then, we wish you and yours the very best at this
difficult time.

The ADHO Constituent Organization Board
The ADHO Executive Board
The ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee
The 2020 Local Organizers
The 2020 Program Committee

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