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Humanist Archives: April 20, 2020, 8:13 a.m. Humanist 33.781 - events: Arabic NLP

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        Date: 2020-04-19 21:12:24+00:00
        From: Wajdi Zaghouani 
        Subject: CFP: The Fifth Arabic NLP Workshop / Shared Task Collocated With COLING 2020

The 5th Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop/Shared Task 
(WANLP-5) 2020 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that the workshop has been postponed to 12th
December and the submission deadline is now extended, in accordance with
COLING 2020 being postponed.

Important Dates (Updated)

   - Sept 1, 2020: Workshop Paper Due Date
   - Oct 1, 2020: Notification of Acceptance
   - Oct 20, 2020: Camera-ready Papers Due
   - Dec 12: Workshop Date

==== Call for Papers ====

The 5th Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop/Shared Task (WANLP-5
2020) will be a full day event taking place on December 12, 2020 in 
Barcelona, Spain. The workshop is collocated with COLING 2020

Workshop URL: https://sites.google.com/view/wanlp-2020

We invite submissions on topics that include, but are not limited to, the

-    Basic core technologies: morphological analysis, disambiguation,
tokenization, POS tagging, named entity detection, chunking, parsing,
semantic role labeling, sentiment analysis, Arabic dialect modeling, etc.

-   Applications: machine translation, speech recognition, speech
synthesis, optical character recognition, pedagogy, assistive technologies,
social media, etc.

-    Resources: dictionaries, annotated data, corpus, etc.

Submissions may include work in progress as well as finished work.
Submissions must have a clear focus on specific issues pertaining to the
Arabic language whether it is standard Arabic, dialectal, or mixed. Papers
on other languages sharing problems faced by Arabic NLP researchers such as
Semitic languages or languages using Arabic script are welcome.

Additionally, papers on efforts using Arabic resources but targeting other
languages are also welcome. Descriptions of commercial systems are welcome,
but authors should be willing to discuss the details of their work.

Shared Task

Associated with the workshop will be a shared task on Arabic dialect
identification. This shared task targets province-level dialects, and 
as such will be the first to focus on naturally-occurring fine-grained 
dialect at the sub-country level.

Shared Task URL: https://sites.google.com/view/nadi-shared-task

Submission Details

Submissions are expected to be up to 8 pages long plus any number of pages
for references. Final versions of long papers will be given one additional
page of content (up to 9 pages) so that reviewers' comments can be taken
into account. Submissions will be done via softconf.

Submission Link: https://www.softconf.com/coling2020/WANLP2020/

WANLP 2019 Organizing Committee

General Chair: Imed Zitouni
Ex-General Chair Advisor: Wassim El Hajj
Program Chairs: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed, Houda Bouamor, Fethi Bougares,
Mahmoud El-Haj
Publication Chair:  Nadi Tomeh
Publicity Chair: Wajdi Zaghouani
Shared Tasks: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed, Chiyu Zhang, Nizar Habash and Houda

Advisory Committee: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed, Ahmed Ali, Hend Alkhalifa,
Houda Bouamor, Fethi Bougares, Khalid Choukri, Kareem Darwish, Mona Diab,
Mahmoud El-Haj, Samhaa El-Beltagy, Wassim El Hajj, Nizar Habash, Lamia
Hadrich Belguith, Hazem Hajj, Walid Magdy, Khaled Shaalan, Kamel Smaili,
Nadi Tomeh, Wajdi Zaghouani, Imed Zitouni

For questions or comments regarding  WANLP-5 you may contact Wajdi
Zaghouani: wzaghouani@hbku.edu.qa


Wajdi Zaghouani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
P.O. Box 34110 | Education City | Doha, Qatar
tel: +974 4454 5601 | mob: +974 33454992
wzaghouani@hbku.edu.qa| Office A141, LAS Building

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