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Humanist Archives: July 7, 2020, 9:06 a.m. Humanist 34.154 - pubs: on intelligence & intelligibility

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 34, No. 154.
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        Date: 2020-07-07 07:50:54+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: on intelligence

Those here with some interest in artificial intelligence and the human
kind will want to know about the publication of G.E.R. Lloyd,
Intelligence and Intelligibility: Cross-Cultural Studies of Human
Cognitive Experience (OUP, 2020). Following is the description from OUP

> Across several intellectual disciplines there exists a tension
> between an appreciation of the cognitive capacities that all humans
> share and a recognition of the great variety in their manifestations
> in different individuals and groups. In this book G. E. R. Lloyd
> examines how, while avoiding the imposition of prior Western
> assumptions and concepts, we can reconcile two conflicting
> intuitions: that all humans share the same basic cognitive capacities
> and yet their actual manifestations in different individuals and
> groups differ appreciably. Lloyd investigates the cultural viability
> of analytic tools we commonly use (such as the contrasts between the
> literal and the metaphorical, between myth and rational account, and
> between nature and culture themselves) and the categories that we
> employ to organize human experience (like mathematics, religion, law,
> and aesthetics). The end result is a robust defence, within limits,
> of the possibilities of mutual intelligibility—one which recognizes
> both the diversity in the manifestations of human intelligence and
> the need to revise our assumptions in order to achieve that
> understanding.

for more.


Willard McCarty (www.mccarty.org.uk/),
Professor emeritus, Department of Digital Humanities, King's College
London; Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
(www.tandfonline.com/loi/yisr20) and Humanist (www.dhhumanist.org)

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