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Humanist Archives: July 11, 2020, 8:25 a.m. Humanist 34.159 - pubs cfp: confluence of crises & Illich's ideas

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        Date: 2020-07-10 23:02:04+00:00
        From: Jeremy Hunsinger 
        Subject: Fwd: cfp: Conviviality for the Day After “Normal”

A SPECIAL ISSUE of The International Journal of Illich Studies

Conviviality for the Day After “Normal”

Guest Editors, Jeremy Hunsinger and Gustavo Esteva, join co-editors
Dana L. Stuchul and Madhu Suri Prakash in issuing this CFM. The
International Journal of Illich Studies seeks original articles that
address the following call.

The end of an era of “normal”—given a confluence of crises—has
arrived. For many millions, the tragic dismantling of their material
and social conditions exacerbates the yearning for
something—“solutions,” “a return to normal,” “law and order,”
“different priorities.” The Covid-19 pandemic (and the prospect of the
next pandemic), the legacies of racism/racist policies, climate
collapse, gender-related inequities, rising authoritarianism,
environmental destruction, epistemic issues, social isolation and
polarization--the interconnections of these issues touch every living
being, threatening the continued existence of all.

Each of these situations developed within specific contexts and the
contexts have themselves become normal. When faced with these problems
within capitalism, then capitalism and its neoliberal markets are
assumed to provide solutions. Akin to providing oxygen keeping a dying
beast alive, such “normality” serves to extend hegemonic control.
What’s more, the counterproductivity of institutions beyond a certain
intensification—a warning offered by Ivan Illich over 50 years ago—is
now laid bare. To address the crises, the time to look beyond the
genesis of the problems is now.

Many seek a return to “normality.” But “normality” was the problem.
The time has come to leave it behind.

It is in the spirit of Ivan Illich that the International Journal of
Illich Studies proposes this special issue. We invite papers engaging
with our new/old challenges. The papers should engage with Illich's
ideas or build upon them to contribute to an understanding of the
current situation and to explore alternative paths. We are not
specifically seeking “solutions,” but a deeper understanding of the
current collapse. Are we before the postextual world Ivan tried to
resist? How to escape from the society of control and vigilance in the
digital era? We seek ideas and real, enfleshed examples of how to deal
with our current predicament in a convivial way. How does Illich’s
“conviviality” clarify the “normality” to be avoided and ways of
living through today’s crises?

Topics may include but are not limited to issues of:

Alternative institutions and modes of living (austerity, the notion of
sufficiency, the sense of proportion)

Climate Crisis (global warming, climate change) or climate collapse.

Conviviality - consideration of a modern society of responsibly
limited tools, including a new politics

Industrial mode of production and violence

Regeneration of the commons, the new commons

Commodification of needs and desires



Education and schooling or learning in freedom; universities, academic 


Experts/expertise/knowledge cultures/disabling

Identities/intersectionality/intercultural dialogue/radical pluralism


Labor, work, shadow work, un-laboring (abolition of work)

Networked communication - internet-based issues; “vigilance
capitalism”/society of control, people’s digitalization

Pandemics and sociality

Use value and social re-structuring

From tools to systems

Authors interested in submitting manuscripts for review should follow
the instructions included here:

Additionally, authors are encouraged to register themselves within the IJIS.

Submit manuscripts (for review) by: September 1, 2020
Notification of acceptance/rejection/accept with revisions by: October 15, 2020
Issue publication: December 2020

Questions? Contact Dana Stuchul, dls268@psu.edu

Jeremy Hunsinger
Associate Professor
Communication Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University

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