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Humanist Archives: July 17, 2020, 7:53 a.m. Humanist 34.172 - positions in design & media (Amsterdam)

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 34, No. 172.
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        Date: 2020-07-16 06:56:08+00:00
        From: Gabriele Ferri 
        Subject: hiring lecturer & assistants in Design / Digital Media - Amsterdam

For the Master Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied
Sciences, I have opened 3 positions:

1) a lecturer (equiv. asst. prof.) in Design Research (0.7fte, 3,5
ATTENTION: this lecturer must hold a PhD at the time of hiring.
No remote working, unfortunately

2) a lab assistant with a Master's degree, who is well-versed in creative
technologies and isn't afraid of diving head-first into experimental
projects (0.2fte, 1 day/week)
No remote working, unfortunately

3) a studio assistant with a Master's degree, who is an empathetic
"people-person" and can coach students in their design processes & team
dynamics (0.4fte, 2 days/week)
No remote working, unfortunately

--- --- ---

POSITION 1: lecturer (equiv. asst. prof.) in Design Research (0.7fte, 3,5

We are seeking a Lecturer for the “Design Research” course. We look for an
enthusiastic colleague who is comfortable with the research methods
commonly used by creative industries, and with more open methodologies such
as critical making or action research. At the end of the course, students
should be ready to conduct design research / testing / validation in
professional settings, and should also be aware of other critical,
exploratory, and art-inspired methodologies for research through design.
The candidate will also be responsible for pitching projects that students
& lecturers of the M.Sc. Digital Design might conduct with researchers from
the various research units (lectoraten) of the Amsterdam University of
Applied Sciences and/or other institutions. Currently, the M.Sc. Digital
Design already employs an Industry Liaison officer who is responsible for
developing projects together with private partners, and we envision that
the Lecturer in Design Research will have a similar task but targeted to
research entities.

We are seeking a colleague with a Ph.D. degree in a field related to design
(HCI, Digital Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, UX…) and an
affinity to research methodologies applied to the design process. Due to
the complexity of this position, we require candidates to have obtained
their Ph.D. at the time of hiring. The selected candidate must be able to
start at the beginning of Semester 2 (Feb. 1, 2021), but an earlier start
date can be arranged if requested.

DEADLINE: 15 August

see the full ad:

--- --- ---

POSITION 2: lab assistant (0.2fte, 1 day/week)

We are seeking a competent and proactive Lab Assistant to support our Lab
Manager and lecturers in the activities taking place in the MDD Lab. The
Lab Assistant that we are seeking is at ease with a variety of physical and
digital creative technologies – including internet-of-things devices, web
prototyping tools and javascript frameworks (e.g., Node Js, Angular,
React). The Lab Assistant has an affinity for working with students (e.g.,
running teaching activities in the lab, under the Lab Manager’s guidance),
and can judge their work.

This position could be combined with other opportunities in our institution.

DEADLINE: 17 August

see the full ad:

--- --- ---

POSITION 3: studio assistant (0.4fte, 2 days/week)

We are seeking an enthusiastic Studio Assistant for the Master’s programme
in Digital Design (MDD). The MDD is a studio-based education programme
where students regularly work and learn in a shared space, the MDD studio.
The Studio Assistant supports lecturers and students in their daily
activities in the studio. S/he recently graduated from a Master’s programme
in design and can create a positive, productive and creative environment in
a design studio. S/he has a strong affinity for digital design, and s/he
can facilitate group work in an international and multicultural setting.

This position could be combined with other opportunities in our institution.

DEADLINE: 15 August

see the full ad:

--- --- ---

Contact Gabriele Ferri g.ferri AT hva.nl for further information

Gabriele Ferri, Ph.D.
Head of program, Master Digital Design
Senior researcher, Play & Civic Media
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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