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Humanist Archives: May 22, 2020, 6:48 a.m. Humanist 34.47 - sequencing of concepts?

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 34, No. 47.
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        Date: 2020-05-21 08:15:24+00:00
        From: Chiara Alzetta 
        Subject: Survey: Prerequisite Ordering

Dear all,

You're invited to participate in a research study about concept sequencing
on the basis of prerequisite relations. As well known, educational
resources are designed to guide students through learning paths consisting
of concepts related to each other. Among all, the prerequisite relation is
the most fundamental since it establishes  which concepts must be learned
first in order to understand the following ones.
In this study, we are interested in investigating whether it is possible to
recreate a sequence of concepts exploiting the descriptions of the concepts
involved. Moreover, we want to explore if descriptions targeting different
audiences convey different prerequisite sequences.

We are hoping to collect a wide variety of perspectives and judgments. The
collected information will help better understand the impact of language
variety on prerequisite recognition and could be used to develop
linguistically-aware prerequisite learning systems and personalized
learning paths.

It is estimated that this survey will take around 15/20 minutes to
complete. We will ask you to indicate at what time you started and
completed the survey. There are no restrictions regarding your native
language, though a good knowledge of English language is required. Your
participation in this research study is voluntary and you do not have to

This is the links to the surveys.  We ask you to take at least one of the
three surveys.

We are very thankful for you taking the time to respond to this survey.
Stay well.

If you would like more information about this research, contact Chiara
Alzetta (chiara.alzetta@edu.unige.it)

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